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Cleveland Browns Fall in NFL Power Rankings After Loss to Detroit Lions

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COMMENTARY | I had two obvious questions on my mind as I prepared to see where the Cleveland Browns landed in the different NFL power rankings I review on a weekly basis:

How far would the Browns fall following their loss to the Detroit Lions?

How badly would quarterback Brandon Weeden get buried?

Weeden has been a whipping boy among Browns fans and also throughout Cleveland sports talk radio. That's to be expected when you throw what some have referred to as the worst interception in NFL history. The franchise is facing what will be a turning point for its season. Will the Browns fold, or can Weeden figure things out quickly enough to save the team's campaign?

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings: ESPN

The ESPN NFL writers were surprisingly kind regarding the Browns. Cleveland fell only two spots to 18th, and Weeden wasn't even mentioned by name. It was pointed out, however, that more bad times are likely coming for the team's faithful fans due to the Browns being at the Green Bay Packers this coming Sunday.

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings: CBS

That's more like it from senior columnist Pete Prisco. Prisco dropped the Browns to the 24 spot in his Week 7 NFL power rankings. He also said what's been on the minds of Cleveland fans since about 4:30 pm ET on October 13: " Did you ever think Browns fans would be saying how much they miss Brian Hoyer?"

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings: Shutdown Corner

Like the ESPN NFL writers, Frank Schwab hasn't yet given up on the 2013 Browns. Cleveland falls one spot to 16th in his list. He does, however, paint a rather gloomy picture with these words: " The Brian Hoyer injury was a killer for the Browns' playoff hopes. The Brandon Weeden pick was a bad one by a front office desperately looking to hang onto their jobs another year or two."

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings: FOX

It's another set of NFL power rankings that only dropped the Browns a single spot. FOX analyst Brian Billick put the Browns at 18. Billick asked the obvious, a question that will never receive an adequate answer: " Seriously, what was Brandon Weeden thinking with that under-handed floater?"

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings: Pro Football Talk

Those Factory of Sadness jokes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. " The Factory already has run out of Gladness," wrote Mike Florio. Cleveland is at 17 in his latest NFL power rankings.

Where the Cleveland Browns are in Week 7 NFL power rankings:

Chris Fedor hasn't given the Browns any hometown loving in his weekly power rankings. His keeping Cleveland at 22 isn't all that harsh this time around. Fedor, like a few others mentioned in this piece, also brought up the elephant in the room: " Brandon Weeden started hot, had his team out to a 10-point halftime lead and then crumbled in the second half while throwing a baffling interception that will go down as one of the worst in NFL history. Draft talk, anyone?"

The math says that Cleveland comes out at in the 19-20 range of this week's NFL power rankings. That might actually be a little generous considering how poorly the team played in the second half of the Detroit game. I am of the belief that the Browns cannot go forward with Weeden as the team's starting quarterback. They are doing exactly that, however, and thus I expect them to fall in power rankings again next week.

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Zac has been following Cleveland sports since a little before his birth, and thus his heart breaks a little more with every year. He has been covering the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and the NFL for Yahoo Sports since 2010

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