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As the mid-season All-Star break approaches, I am thankful for many things as a fan of the Cincinnati Reds. I am thankful that Joey Votto has not only lived up to expectations but exceeded them with a batting average of .349. I am thankful for our pitchers, both starters and those in the bullpen, who may have moments of weakness but all in all show up to play and seem to be getting better with each game they throw. And I am thankful that next year Tony LaRussa won't have any hand in the All-Star Game selections.

Yet most of all, I am thankful that the Cincinnati Reds are a team with hope for the post season. As a longtime Cincinnati resident and sports fan, there have been more seasons than I can count, for both the Reds and Cincinnati Bengals, during which any hope for a successful season vanished long before the half way point was reached.

When all hope is lost, we Cincinnatians do the best we can to make that proverbial lemonade from the sour fruit we have been handed. We take advantage of good deals on tickets, marked down team merchandise, and commiserate with our comrades as we shake our heads in frustration.

Granted Reds fans had high expectations leading into this season, and some may have their gripes that we have not soared ahead of the pack with a tight grip on first place. But I, for one, am thankful just to have a team with potential. A team worth rooting for long into the dog days summer and, fingers crossed, the fall.

The 2012 Cincinnati Reds have hovered at either first or second in the National League Central since the season began, trading spots with both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. There have been some pitching debacles and some offensive slumps, but that is to be expected of any team. Not to mention there is something to be said for not peaking too early - Reds fans can only hope and anticipate that the best of this team is yet to come.

And so I say thank you to my Cincinnati Reds. Thank you for being competitive; thank you for giving me a reason to buy tickets other than that folks are practically giving them away. Thank you for being a team that gives me hope that just maybe I should squirrel some money aside for playoff tickets in October.

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Lisa is a married mother of two living in the suburbs of Cincinnati . She is a long-time Reds fans yet was away at college when the 1990 Cincinnati Reds won the World Series and was not able to attend games or celebrate appropriately. She looks forward to the day when the Reds win it all again.

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