Chudzinski offers little on Browns' QB situation

Eric Edholm
Chudzinski offers little on Browns' QB situation

INDIANAPOLIS — New Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski said he wanted to have an “attacking-style offense,” but he went into a four-minute kind of approach when faced with questions over who would be under center.

In a sly game of bob-and-weave with questions that made the first-year head coach look like a seasoned pro in dealing with the media, Chudzinski spoke in the most general terms about the quarterbacks on the Browns’ roster and what the draft might be able to provide at the position.

“I’ve been playing catch-up on a lot of the college study and the college tape,” he said. “I am planning on doing some of it this week and this weekend, and the interviews and being around some of the guys — with all the positions we’ll be looking at.”

On incumbent QBs Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy, Chudzinski wouldn’t tip his hand to which ones might be back or which ones might be in a position to compete for a starting position.

“(I have) been looking at that quite a bit in conjunction with some of the other things I’ve been looking at,” Chudzinski said. “I am excited about those guys. They have interesting skill sets. They’ve made improvements. They’ve been able to win games.

“Ultimately, watching guys on tape, it’s hard to make a total assessment on them. You want to get them out there on the practice field. You want to get them into meetings.”

Chudzinski was asked what adjustments Weeden, in particular, might have to make adapting from Pat Shurmur’s West Coast scheme to Chudzinski’s and offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s new triple-digit-based system.

“I didn’t really study the offense necessarily that Brandon was in last year,” Chudzinski said.

Chudzinski has called plays the past two years in Carolina and, with the more versatile Cam Newton at QB, expanded his play-calling repertoire with a host of read-option and spread-based offensive concepts. When he was hired, Chudzinski planned to call plays at first before hiring Turner changed his plans.

“I had planned on calling plays unless I could find someone I trusted and had all the faith in the world in, and that person is Norv Turner,” Chudzinski said. “You’re talking about one of the best play callers ever. So I am not that much of an ego guy that I feel like I have to control, or feel I have to control that.”

As for what their offense might look like in conjunction, Chudzinski was vague but hinted that it would be a meshing of the two men’s styles.

“I think you see a pretty wide range when you see what Norv has done going back, or even what I have done, whether it’s Carolina, or even back at University of Miami,” he said. “It’s been fun sitting down with Norv and talking, discussing things we can do from a philosophy standpoint and seeing what we can put together.

“Ultimately, we want to have an attacking-style of offense. We want to put pressure on the defense, and you can do that in a lot of different ways by what you’re doing scheme-wise. There’s a lot of different ways to attack.

“Obviously, you have to have balance in this league — running the ball and throwing the ball.”