Christian Returns at Over the Limit and Snags Intercontinental Title: Fan's Reaction

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When the sound came over the speakers at Over the Limit, it was immediately clear that Christian was back and ready to make some noise. His entering the Battle Royal for a shot at either the United States Title or the Intercontinental Title made the winner clear cut. No way would the WWE waste a Christian return only to have him lose in a battle royal. Besides, they had even bigger plans for Christian later in the evening. As a huge WWE and Christian fan, I ate up every single minute of it.

A nice return and pop from the crowd

Since Christian has been gone for a bit, it was really nice to hear just how popular he really is once again. It is always interesting to see superstars go away for a time and then listen to the pop when they return. Christian got an awesome one for his return and it was clear that he was greatly missed while he was out. The minute he hit the ramp I knew he would win and win he did. The battle royal was awesome and Christian and The Miz worked flawlessly together.

Speaking of flawless

I was thrilled to see Christian choose Cody Rhodes as his opponent but I knew almost instantly that he would take the title from Rhodes. This is a bit of a problem in my eyes because Rhodes has been so hot lately. That said, it does set up Rhodes to go after Sheamus and bigger titles, or even a long program with Christian over the I-C belt if the WWE still thinks Rhodes is not ready for the World Championship just yet. I think he is ready now, but more seasoning with an awesome program with Christian can only make him better. Christian brings out the best in everyone he works with.

A great match

This match was the perfect example of why this would make a great long term feud. Christian and Rhodes flowed together like they were one entity. They both are total pros between the ropes and you can see the talent clearly from both guys. Rhodes has come a very long ways since debuting and Christian is the perfect aging superstar to pit him against. It is the perfect marriage of styles and size as well. Here is to hoping that the WWE will let them work against one another before putting this feud to bed.

*Southern is a huge WWE fan that believes they could improve a great deal by looking back at the old NWA ways of doing things.

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