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Christian Ponder and Other Athletes Who Were Rumored to Be Involved with Reporters

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On Friday, October 19, 2012, Christian Ponder reportedly admitted to reporters that he is dating ESPN reporter Samantha Steele. Ponder is the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. The two met a few months earlier but a recent tweet by Ponder made some begin to question whether the two were in a relationship. Steele has not yet commented on the situation. This is not the first time an athlete has been rumored to be involved with a reporter. Though sometimes the pairing may have simply been an internet rumor, sometimes the pairing may have been true. Here is a look at four other athletes who were allegedly involved with a reporter.

Nick Green

In 2009, Nick Green and Heidi Watney were reported to be seeing each other after being spotted together at dinner in 2009. The two were thought to be dating. Green is a baseball player, who was at the time with the Boston Red Sox. Watney was, at the time, with NESN, a sports channel based in New England. It was not reported if Watney or Green ever confirmed whether the two were in a relationship with each other.

LeBron James

Basketball player LeBron James has been linked to different women, despite being married. Based on rumors, it had been reported in the summer of 2012 that Sharon Reed, a reporter from Ohio, had an affair with James and that her baby was fathered by James. Reed had been fired from her job while she was on maternity leave. She denied the story through her attorney and cease and desist letters were sent in response to the reports.

Nick Boynton

In October of 2010, it was reported that Nick Boynton and Jen Patterson were spending some time together publicly and appeared to be dating. Boynton was, at the time, a hockey player with the Chicago Blackhawks. Patterson had done some onscreen and behind the scenes work for Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Shortly after news broke of her reported relationship with Boynton, she was no longer with the channel.

Mark Sanchez

Also in October of 2010, Mark Sanchez was rumored to be dating freelance reporter Lindsay McCormick. McCormick, who was a sports reporter, lived in Oregon while Sanchez was the quarterback for the New York Jets. Though a source claimed the two were dating over the long distance between New York and Oregon, McCormick claimed the two were just friends. Sanchez remained silent on the matter.

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