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Chris Chelios Burns Jay Cutler Jersey: A Fan's Reaction

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Hockey legend Chris Chelios allegedly lashed out at Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler by burning a Cutler jersey. Bears fans may not be happy with Cutler's performance so far this season, but did Chelios take things too far?

The video in question shows a woman holding a Jay Cutler Jersey in front of the former Chicago Blackhawks defenseman lighting the jersey on fire and referring to the quarterback with a few expletives.

I will be the first to admit that I am not happy with Cutler right now. The Cutler-Marshall combination that was hyped as the answer to the team's poor offense hasn't paid off. Cutler was sacked seven times by the Green Bay Packers, and it appeared that the Bears won against the St. Louis Rams without his help. Still, the team can't blame everything on Cutler.

The offensive line has to take some of the blame. J'Marcus Webb hasn't been doing his job, even though it was Cutler that took some heat for criticizing his teammate. It is easy to blame the quarterback for all of a team's problems, but the dismal start to the season isn't all Cutler's fault.

So was Chris Chelios just drunk and frustrated when he burned Cutler's jersey in effigy at Stanley's Kitchen in Chicago? He has made controversial statements about players in his own league in the past. In 1994, he said that NHL Commissoner Gary Bettman should worry about his family's safety. Chelios later apologized, but it did little to improve the situation. It is impossible for any of us to know exactly what was going through his head, but I think he crossed the line with his latest stunt.

Jay Cutler may not be the most popular guy in Chicago right now, but he is our quarterback, for better or worse. Chelios should keep know better than to criticize a Chicago Bear. This city's fans are fiercely loyal to the Bears, and Chelios may find himself unwelcome at Chicago bars and restaurants very quickly.

Whitney Levon is a Chicago native whose dedication to the Bears goes back to her first football memory; the Bears' 1985 Super Bowl victory. She has been covering the Chicago Bears and other Chicago teams since 2010.

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