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Chris Bosh Looks Forward to Proving Critics Wrong: Fan Reaction

Embracing New Role as Starting Center

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Chris Bosh will be the Miami Heat's starting center during the 2012/13 NBA season, and the most underrated member of Miami's "big three" doesn't seem to mind the change.

As far as Bosh is concerned, the move to the center position was inevitable, and the lanky big-man is looking forward to showing his critics that he can hold his own against the best centers in the NBA.

"Not even those two. I've played them before. It's nothing I haven't seen," Bosh responded when asked if he was worried about taking on the likes of Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. "Yeah, they do have a weight advantage, but that's only in your mind. And you know, if teams feel they have an advantage, tell them to dump it down there if they can. That's my answer to everything. If they say, 'Bosh can't play the five, we have the advantage.' If people think that, tell them to dump it down there and we'll see what happens."

Given the fact the Heat's biggest weakness has been the center position for the past two; I like the idea of moving Bosh to the five spot.

It's pretty obvious the Heat are one of the smaller teams in the NBA, so they'll might as well maximize their roster for speed. With Bosh playing center, LeBron James' ability to play any position, and the addition of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to Miami's roster, stopping the Heat on the break won't be an easy task.

Bosh will also help the Heat open up things on the offensive end. His ability to knock down long-range shots will pull opposing centers out of the paint, making it easier for LeBron and company to drive to the hoop.

The change of position shouldn't really affect Bosh's numbers, and I expect him to continue to be a big part of the Heat's success next season.

David is a Miami Heat fan that has followed the team for 16 years. Follow him on twitter @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.


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