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Cho Young-Seon Wins PBA/World Bowling Tour Thailand 2012: A Fan's Take

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The final round of the PBA/World Bowling Tour Thailand 2012 was held on Monday, Oct. 1, in Bangkok, Thailand. The tournament was being run by both the PBA and World Bowling Tour to make sure that all of the best bowlers in the world were in attendance. There were 75 bowlers from 12 different countries competing in the tournament, including some of the best bowlers on the PBA Tour. Some of the PBA Tour stars bowling in this event included Chris Barnes, Sean Rash, Jason Belmonte, Mike Fagan and Ryan Ciminelli. While the talent level was extremely high, there was nobody that could top Cho Young-Seon of Korea.

The early rounds of the tournament were dominated by the PBA Tour bowlers, but most of them faded in the final rounds. Barnes, Rash, Belmonte, Fagan and Ciminelli were all near the top of the standings for a large portion of the tournament, but Barnes and Ciminelli were the only two that were able to make the championship round.

Ciminelli was pitted against Jang Dong-Chul of Korea in the quarterfinal round, and would ultimately lose the match by the score of 236-210. This set up a semifinal match between Jang Dong-Chul and Chris Barnes for a chance to bowl Cho Young-Seon in the title match. It would be a tight match the entire time but Barnes would be able squeak out a 245-235 victory. Cho Young-Seon earned the top seed in the championship round after he finished the fourth round of the tournament one pin better than Barnes, so this was guaranteed to be a great title match. Both bowlers were only separated by 10 pins heading into the 7th frame of the title match when Cho Young-Seon got four consecutive strikes to shutout Barnes and win the title 234-212.

I love it when the PBA Tour bowlers compete in international tournaments because you get to see how they match up against the bowlers in the rest of the world. The PBA pros are going to come out on top most of the time, but Cho Young-Seon proved he has the ability to compete with anyone in the bowling community. Whether he decides to stay in Asia or compete in the PBA, I think there are truly great things ahead for Cho Young-Seon.

Jake has been an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.


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