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Chipper Jones’ Favorite Opponents: Fan’s Take

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With the retirement of Chipper Jones looming, now is the time to look back on his career and look at the bright spots. During his career, his success against the New York Mets has been well-publicized and he has even named his son after them (Shea), but it isn't just the team from Queens that Jones has played well against throughout his legendary career.

Who has the future Hall of Famer found the most success against in his career?

New York Mets - 242 Games, .311, 49 HR, 159 RBI, 46 2B

After looking through the stats, I don't think Jones beat up the Mets more than any other team, but it was when he did it that put them at the top of the list. In 1999, Jones almost single-handedly beat the Mets late in the season, earning his first and only National League MVP award in the process.

Philadelphia Phillies - 245 Games, .331, 49 HR, 152 RBI, 71 2B

I think the Phillies were the opponents that Jones had the most success against. He had one of his best averages against them, and added more doubles than any other opponent throughout his career.

Washington Nationals - 265 Games, .299, 42 HR, 161 RBI, 62 2B

Jones has played more games against the Nationals than he has any other team in the majors. His 62 doubles against them are second behind the Phillies and his 161 RBIs are second behind the Miami Marlins.

Miami Marlins - 246 Games, .298, 40 HR, 166 RBI, 48 2B

The Marlins were Jones' least favorite opponent within the division. His numbers were still solid against them, but they pale in comparison to those against the other three division rivals with the exception of his RBI total.

Colorado Rockies - 124 Games, .323, 31 HR, 105 RBI, 36 2B

If the Rockies were in the same division as the Atlanta Braves, he could have the most success against them than any other opponent. Jones owned the Rockies, especially at Coors Field, as he hit .333 with 13 home runs and 61 RBIs in 58 games there.

Houston Astros - 129 Games, .323, 20 HR, 82 RBI, 41 2B

One of the pitchers Jones enjoyed facing the most was former Houston-great Darryl Kile. His .298 average against Kile in 72 plate appearances helped Jones succeed so much against the Astros. For years, the Braves had the number of the Astros and Jones was a major reason why.

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