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Chiefs vs. Broncos: What Are KC Fans’ Biggest Concerns for Primetime Showdown?

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COMMENTARY | The Kansas City Chiefs enter their Week 11 road matchup against the Denver Broncos as the NFL's lone remaining undefeated team, yet most see this game as another trouble-free victory for Peyton Manning and Co. -- including Vegas, where the betting line seems to be settling right around 8.5.

The league's transformation into its current ultra-fast, pass-happy brand of football has left the media and fans spellbound. And what Denver is doing on the offensive side of the ball has created a disconnect with how great defense is now viewed and how Kansas City has gone about its business this season.

It is obvious that both the 8-1 Broncos and 9-0 Chiefs have mastered their own craft, with their success tied to extremely different primary focuses on the field. When things come to a head on Sunday night, execution will be of utmost importance.

Will Denver be able to keep up its record scoring pace against the league's top defense? Or will Kansas City find a way to thwart the many offensive weapons that Manning has at his disposal?

When asked what they are most concerned about against the Broncos on Sunday night, Chiefs' fans and fellow writers had this to say on Twitter.

@JeremySickel If Peyton gets the ball out before our pass rushers can get there. Poe and our DBs pressing their WRs at the line will be key.

- Johnny Coltrane (@Chief_Wildcat) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel The young o-line vs their pass rushers. Can Alex Smith get enough time to execute the offense. Any offense

- Chiefs 101 (@Chiefs_101) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel their screen game. Our aggressive front 7 + poor tackling from Kendrick Lewis could make for a lot of yards after catch

- salacious crumb (@crash121ss) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel my biggest concern is our offense. If our def holds broncos to 23 not sure we'll score 24.

- Antwan Smith (@BirdieBanker) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel Whether or not our offense will show up and if the defense can cover the quick outs/slant routes.

- Toby (@TobyTheBaber) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel Will Flowers shadow Demaryius Thomas?

- Section 15 (@USANFL) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel pick plays not getting called. Especially against KC's man looks

- RyFo (@RyFo18) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel Peyton getting hurt. Don't want any ammo for the trolls when we beat them.

- Sully Sparks™ (@SullySparks) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel #Chiefs Broncos game is only about one thing: KC must hit Manning on EVERY throw! Rush the QB! Also KC must get redzn TDs!!

- Jeffrey Hurn (@DocJHurn21) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel also worried about wr screens and whip routes in the red zone. Very hard to defend when run as well as Denver does

- Christian Loganbill (@cloganbill) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel I'll be interested to see if the defense can handle all of the weapons that the Denver offense will throw out there.

- Joe Wedra (@JoeWedra) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel the offense... Mainly the passing game.

- 9-0good?NopePerfect (@chiefsfan82) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel the offense... Like all year

- Joe (@JDec89) November 13, 2013

@JeremySickel the offense consistently moving the ball.

- Nolan (@njh09) November 13, 2013

Most of the responses highlighted concerns with how the Chiefs plan to keep Denver's offense at bay or whether or not its own offense can score enough points. It may take Kansas City's ability to both, however, to ultimately pull out a victory on the road.

While the same issues could come into play in the rematch at Arrowhead Stadium two weeks later, the home crowd should help lessen those worries a bit.

Until then, enjoy Round 1 on Sunday night.

Jeremy Sickel has successfully created and operated numerous websites. His work can be read on Yahoo and Bleacher Report, and he has also appeared on various podcasts and sports talk shows around the country. Interact with Jeremy on Twitter @JeremySickel

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