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Chicago Cubs: Ten Reasons to Wait 'Til Next Year

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COMMENTARY | As a Chicago Cubs fan, I've heard all of the insults. You know the ones I'm talking about. The acronyms ("Completely Useless By September," "Can't Understand Baseball Strategy"), the century-plus World Series drought, and heartbreak so predictable that it's almost humorous (trust me, it's not) have been as much a part of being a Cubs fan as Wrigley Field.

Of course the one phrase that stands above all the others is "Wait 'til next year." It once was Cubs fans' way of coping. Now, it's the punchline of just about every joke concerning Cubs' heartache, heartbreak, and choke artistry. Perpetual hope will always rule the day in Cubs nation, but here are ten reasons that make it a safe bet to go ahead and plan on waiting at least one more year.

The Cubs are 29-41

Perhaps no better reason to checkout of World Series hopes a bit early than a lacking record. The Cubs are a decent team, but require too many things to go right on a given day to win consistently.

The National League Central is the best division in baseball

Who knows if this will remain true the entire season, but for now (June 20) the NL Central is a harsh place to try and win baseball games. The St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Pittsburgh Pirates are all more than 10 games over .500 (Cardinals are 20). No chance for a rebuilding Cubs squad.

The Cubs are 8-19 against the Cardinals, Reds and Pirates

This stat pretty much puts the 2013 Cubs in perspective. They're not all that bad of a team (21-22 against everyone else), but if you can't beat the quality teams in your division, you don't have a prayer.

The trade deadline is on the horizon

Any success the Cubs are able to muster in the next six weeks could be undone by a busy trade deadline. There's no way the Cubs turn into anything but 100 percent sellers come the deadline. David DeJesus, Alfonso Soriano, Nate Schierholtz, Matt Garza, Kevin Gregg, Scott Feldman, Carlos Villanueva, Scott Hairston, and others are all possibilities for the trade market.

The bullpen is inconsistent at best

Were it not for the totally random reemergence of Kevin Gregg at closer, the Cubs' bullpen would be an unmitigated disaster. And since the Cubs aren't in consistent position to use Gregg, the bullpen usually is an unmitigated disaster.

Starlin Castro is batting .235

When the Cubs signed Castro to his seven-year extension, it's safe to say they were thinking higher batting average than .235. The Cubs plan on Castro being a cornerstone for years to come. If cornerstones aren't producing, you aren't going far.

No Cubs hitter is hitting .300

Okay, that's not totally true. Ryan Sweeney is hitting .300 exactly, but in only 80 at-bats. Travis Wood (.276) is fourth on the team in batting average. Need I say more?

The Cubs are 8-15 in one-run games

The last team to win the World Series with a sub-.500 record in one-run games was the 2007 Boston Red Sox (22-28). The ability to win close games is paramount in having consistent success because things can so easily go awry in baseball.

The Cubs have three starting pitchers with ERAs under 3.35

That's a good stat. But it's also a depressing stat when the team is 12 games under .500 anyway. The 42 quality starts put in by Cubs' starting pitching shows how many opportunities the Cubs have squandered so far.

The team is still rebuilding (and we already knew that)

Did anyone actually think the 2013 Chicago Cubs were bound for glory?

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Cubs follower. Living in Illinois his entire life has given him a chance to closely follow and report Chicago sports as a freelance writer through Yahoo! Contributor and Yahoo! Sports . He is also a senior in college majoring in English and Creative Writing.

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