Chicago Bulls Reach Out to Fisher, Hinrich: Fan’s View

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The Chicago Bulls, according to ESPN-Chicago, have had talks with veteran point guard Derek Fisher. Wow, stop the presses…that's about as exciting as offering something between the veteran's minimum and mini-MLE to Kirk Hinrich.

Sure, the Bulls don't have a lot of money to spend, and it's not like there are a ton of affordable options to run the point while Derrick Rose rehabs his torn ACL, but neither of these names quickens my pulse. Neither does Rafer Alston - who retired two years ago - but his name has nonetheless surfaced as well.

Fisher, a 17-year veteran who averaged 20 minutes a game last season, isn't a great scorer or distributor, but he would bring veteran leadership and a great basketball IQ to the team, and he'd be a good mentor for draftee Marquis Teague. Fisher will likely be resigned by the Thunder, so this option is probably out.

Hinrich, a fan favorite from his earlier years with the Bulls, is a combo guard who could run the point in Rose's absence and play alongside him once he returns. It's unlikely that the Bulls will be able to afford Hinrich, who isn't great at the point anyway, as several other teams (eight at last count) also have expressed an interest.

Although this might not be well received by some fans, I'm not sure either are better options than C.J. Watson, who the Bulls hold a team option on for the upcoming season (i.e., unlike other free agents, he's a sure thing). Watson didn't have a great season in '11-12 - he was plagued by injuries and playing on two bum feet - but he's affordable and familiar with the system. My only problem with Watson is that he's not a good decision-maker, and he wouldn't be the best mentor for Teague.

As far as Teague is concerned, it's difficult to imagine coach Tom Thibodeau relying too much on a 19-year-old kid. He's an unproven commodity, and I'd expect him to receive minutes similar to what Jimmy Butler did last season.

While it remains to be seen how the Bulls approach their need for a fill-in point guard, fans who have been clamoring for a Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Captain Kirk or Jameer Nelson are going to be disappointed.

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