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Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose Rumored to Dress for Game 3

Bulls All-Star Point Guard Could Be Available Soon

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COMMENTARY | The Derrick Rose rumor mill has started again, and now it's being reported he may dress for Game 3 against the Miami Heat, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, a part of USA Today Sports.

It's no secret the Chicago Bulls could use a fresh set of legs, if only in a limited capacity, but that's not to say they'll get it. We've heard these rumors before when he was medically cleared. The real questions are: How accurate is this rumor, and why should we get sucked in again?

One question people seem to be forgetting to ask is, "Why not Game 2?" Not to say he should play on May 8, but why isn't that the rumor? Why is it the first game of the series to be played in Chicago? Seems a little too coincidental with the timing of the rumor, considering the Bulls are guaranteed at least a Game 5.

Let's explore that for a second.

You could say it's sensationalism to sell tickets, but that's probably not the case. With as far as this Bulls team has gone, tickets are going to sell plenty on their own. We can probably scrap that theory for the same reason it's not to get Chicago energized about basketball because the fans already are.

We can probably now put that to rest.

It could be someone in the Bulls organization who's looking to have someone come to him or her for inside scoop. Every day is a day Derrick Rose could come back and on the off chance that person is right, his or her career is made. That reporter will tell another reporter about how he or she got such a great jump on a story and the snowball effect continues until that person is the "go-to."

But if it isn't true, that could be career suicide. Let's put that in the "possible, but unlikely" category.

Or, and this is the craziest of the theories, it could actually be true and it would be a much-needed boost to the moral of the team. But head coach Tom Thibodeau didn't get to be one of the top NBA coaches for nothing. He won't do too much to disrupt the current chemistry of this team. If Rose does return, it will be exactly as rumored. He will play off the bench with limited minutes. But something is better than nothing.

Whether you think it's malarkey or you're still holding on to hope that Rose will make a return, this news couldn't have come at a better time should it turn out to be true.

Tim Bearden has covered professional sports in Chicago since 2010. He's extensively covered the Chicago Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in journalism and has written sports for Buzz Magazine, the Chicagoist and his own blog FantasyFreakout.

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