Chicago Bulls Close to Signing Nazr Mohammed: A Fan's Take

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While no additional news has surfaced regarding the offer sheet extended to Omer Asik from the Houston Rockets, the Bulls have seemingly decided to go in another direction. According to Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago, the team is close to signing a deal with Chicago-native Nazr Mohammed. With the addition of Mohammed, it's almost certain the Bulls will not match the Rockets' three-year, $25 million offer for Asik. Following the departures of Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson, Ronnie Brewer and probably John Lucas III as well, Taj Gibson is the only remaining member of the team's second unit from a season ago.

Mohammed is a 14-year veteran, who appeared in 24 games for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2010-2011 and 77 games in 2011-2012. His averages from last season of three points and three rebounds per contest, were nearly identical to Asik's numbers (3.1 points, 5.4 rebounds). If you are looking at this from an objective point of view, it is a good move for the organization because they will acquire a player who gives them nearly the same production as Asik, but at a much cheaper cost. On the other hand, if you are looking at this from a fan's point of view, this news is not anything to be overly excited about.

With the signing of Vladimir Radmanovic last week and now Mohammed, the team potentially adds another player to the roster who is in the twilight of his career and does not play too well defensively. Mr. Friedell wrote a column late last week suggesting that the Bulls do in fact have a plan, but it would require patience by the fans. After watching this team compile a 112-36 record over the past two years, followed by the dismantling of a solid bench while getting little in return, patience may be a difficult concept to preach about at this point. With the team only expected to sign players for the veteran's minimum salary going forward, it would appear that we have no other alternative but to be patient regardless of how painful the process will be.

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