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Chicago Bears Tumble in Latest Power Rankings: Fan's Take

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Ah, power rankings, our culture loves them. Why? I don't really know outside of the fact that we love giving "order" to things as a day-to-day coping mechanism. Power rankings give us two options, both of which are attractive destinations. One is that you agree with a certain order and consequently feel validated by someone --especially someone who is considered to have "insider" status-- having the same opinion as you. The second option is that you disagree with the list in question and have excuse to flex your superiority muscle for having a "better" understanding of how things really are. Neither place is an all together terrible spot to be in.

The above is starting to give the impression that there are people who base their "day-to-day coping," or their validation intake entirely on something as trivial as power rankings. Good lord, I hope not. As ultimately worthless as power rankings are, they serve as a terrific "discussion" starter amongst fans. In's Elliot Harrison's latest power rankings (after game one of the preseason gives new meaning to the term "worthless"), he has slid the Chicago Bears from their previously held fifth spot down to seventh.

Clearly his ammunition for such a move is driven by the Bears' abysmal performance against the Denver Broncos. He also has (viable) concerns about Brandon Marshall; "Everyone is so sure Brandon Marshall is going to a) play lights-out, b) not be a knucklehead and c) catch 120 balls. Based on what? Because he's teamed up with Jay Cutler and Jeremy Bates again? Cutler is not a third-year quarterback; he's a seventh-year veteran who won't be forcing throws just to Marshall. Moreover, there's little guarantee Chicago's pass-protection problems have been solved." He's got a point, but my question is if we are going to base power rankings on a preseason game, how in the world did the Bears only go down two spots? Did he watch the same game I did? I'd probably stick the Bears down in the middle of the pack until I see the improvement on the field.

Then again, maybe he didn't use the preseason game as much of a barometer --the Indianapolis Colts scored more points than any other team and their pro bowl, I mean rookie, quarterback Andrew Luck actually looked great yet Harrison stuck them dead last. Tragic.

In honor of starting "discussions," where do the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts respectively belong in the (in)famous power rankings? Flex those superiority muscles or bask in mutual validation. The choice is yours.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, having lived in Illinois his entire life and having followed the NFL throughout.


Elliot Harrison's Power Rankings

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