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Chicago Bears Plan for More No-Huddle Offense: Fan's Take

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Somehow I doubt it's going to matter one bit how the Chicago Bears' offense chooses to run itself --with or without a huddle in this case-- if the defense is going to continue to play the way it has. Unfortunately, you can't depend on your defense scoring two touchdowns a game. What's so attractive about what the Bears have going is that they have the talent to be equally as capable on offense. I think the Bears' recent announcement of adding more no-huddle action to the gameplan is going to take them another step up on the ladder.

Over the course of Jay Cutler's tenure in Chicago, the Bears have had success with the no-huddle. Why they haven't turned to it more often has always been baffling to me. For a team that perennially struggles on the offensive side of the ball, I was always surprised when they would abandon something that was working. Further, Jay Cutler is one of the best quarterbacks to put in a no-huddle offense. I say that not because Jay Cutler doesn't make mistakes, or that he won't consequently make those mistakes in a no-huddle, but because Jay Cutler is absolutely positively a rhythm quarterback. When he's out of rhythm, he becomes a totally different player --Bears fans can conjure up memories of "Good Rex, Bad Rex" during Rex Grossman's roller coaster time with the team. Cutler is just a much better version of Rex. When Cutler is in rhythm, there are very few quarterbacks I would choose over him. Any scenario that gives the Bears a better chance at getting Cutler into rhythm should be considered.

A no-huddle offense doesn't guarantee a rhythmic quarterback, but it absolutely encourages it. The Bears are 4-1. It is getting tougher and tougher to not recognize them as legitimate. The interesting thing is that the offense should do nothing but get better. I don't suspect the defense will go on scoring two touchdowns every game, but so far the defense has given up 14, 16, 6, 18, and 3 points in their respective games --keeping in mind the defensive and special teams touchdowns scored against the Bears the first two weeks of the season. The point is that while I would be surprised if the Bears' defense continues scoring at the clip they are, their legitimacy as a unit is becoming apparent whether they're scoring or not.

In games when the offense has showed up, the opponents haven't had much of a chance. That balance is why I think the Bears are going to be one of the most dangerous teams in the league. For the first time in forever, the Bears can actually beat opposing teams in a variety of ways. The offensive line has even been protecting Jay Cutler well the last few weeks. If that continues, the Bears can beat anyone. Not to say they will, but they'll have the capability. The no-huddle offense should add another dimension to an ever-improving offense.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, having lived in Illinois his entire life and having followed the NFL throughout.


Bears to Run More No-Huddle

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