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Chicago Bears to Have Competition in Chicago? Former Mayor Richard Daley Wants Second Football Team: Fan's Take

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Call it money grabbing, call it a primitive inferiority complex, call it stupid, but former Chicago mayor Richard Daley says that the windy city should add a second football team. While there are countless reasons that one could propose such an idea, he chose (unfortunately) to focus on the "Well, so and so has two teams, so why shouldn't we?" argument: "Why is it New York has two, Florida has three, San Francisco has two...Chicago loves sports. We get a second team in here, you could build a new stadium..." He continued on about hosting the Final Four, international soccer teams, or "whatever you wanted."

Apparently, Mr. Daley was unaware or unconcerned that Florida is, in all actuality, a state, not a city. I have also tried (unsuccessfully) to locate the supposed second team that resides somewhere in San Fransisco opposite the 49ers according to Daley. At least New York actually has two teams. Though, by his method of using the whole state, they have three -- those poor Buffalo Bills, they just can't get any respect.

All ranting about Daley's missteps (though two in a 39 second interview is pretty rough) aside, I think it's a terrible idea. If Chicago was so keen on wanting a state of the art stadium to host every event under the sun, why (I'm agreeing with Fansided's Mike Burzawa --aka "Boomer"-- here) did the city build a spaceship on top of Soldier Field instead of just building that state of the art stadium? Daley claims the new stadium would be privately funded for the most part. I guess those potential private contributors just don't much like the Chicago Bears.

It's obvious these things are about money, but the whole "We-Are-Just-As-Good-As-They-Are" mentality is just plain dumb: "New York has two teams? Well, we are every bit the men they are, ergo we need two teams, maybe even three." Thanks to the recent move across the turnpike, New York also has a second NBA team in the Brooklyn Nets. Does Chicago need another NBA team too?

What do you think about a second NFL team in the windy city?

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, having lived in Illinois his entire life and having followed the NFL throughout.


Daley Wants Second Team

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