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Chelsea’s Eden Hazard: An Actor or a Soccer Player? A Fan's Take on Roberto Di Matteo's Comments

Roberto Di Matteo Needs to Tell Eden Hazard to Stop Acting for a Few Matches

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When Eden Hazard came to Chelsea, everyone had high expectations. Eden Hazard has impressed everyone affiliated with Cheslea: fans, Matteo and fellow players. He has not, however, impressed people outside the Chelsea Football Club. Eden Hazard has not lived up to the officials' standards.

Officials Think Eden Hazard is an Actor

Roberto Di Matteo is afraid the officials have pegged Eden Hazard as a diver. Concerning uncalled, alleged penalties against Eden Hazard, Matteo said, "But there were a few others [penalties] where he didn't get them so I wouldn't want the officials to have a prejudice against him."

I understand Matteo's concern for his star player, but the officials are probably right. Eden Hazard knows how to draw a whistle, or at least he knows how to try. I remember our high school's varsity soccer coach teaching players how to draw fouls. If I learned how to act while playing soccer at the high-school level, then Eden Hazard must have also learned the skill. In fact, all players in the Premier League likely act and try to draw whistles from referees.

Robert Di Matteo is Playing the Media

Robert Di Matteo knows Eden Hazard acts at times, but he also has a legitimate concern. An injury to Eden Hazard could be devastating to Chelsea's season. Matteo is simply doing his job and being a good manager. He is using the media to remind the officials that Eden Hazard is legitimately fouled occasionally.

Robert Di Matteo Should be Coaching Eden Hazard

Matteo should also be coaching Eden Hazard. The officials have stopped calling fouls against Hazard, and his manager has noticed. It is the manager's job to work the officials, which he is doing. It is also Matteo's job to tell Hazard to take it easy for a few matches.

Robert Di Matteo should be telling Eden Hazard to stop acting for a few games, until the officials begin calling penalties again. Until he meets the officials' standards, Hazard must be a soccer player and not an actor. We will never know if Matteo is telling Hazard this, but he probably is.

Cori Reddell's youth-soccer coach was from England and instilled a love for British soccer in her. Since then, she has enjoyed rooting for Chelsea.

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