Chael Sonnen Distracted by Media Between Rounds at UFC 148: Fan Reaction

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Chael Sonnen has already addressed the fact that he won't be appealing the knee strike that UFC champion Anderson Silva landed successfully at UFC 148. But he is still upset by something that distracted him between rounds--during his battle with the champion.

On Fuel TV's "UFC Tonight", Todd Harris, show host, asked Chael the question that the media will continue to hound him with until the end of his fighting days, "Chael, what happened at UFC 148 vs Anderson Silva?"

Chael Sonnen: "Listen, you wanna really know what happened? Everything's going fine. I'm minding my own business. I'm out there, in the middle of a fist fight. I look up--in between rounds--and this is a true story--I see Kenny Florian and he's got like a buffet style [dinner] in front of him. He's stuffing his face. And I get completely distracted. Next thing I know, the ref says 'are you ready?' And I'm thinking, 'no I'm not'. And I've gotta walk out there anyway." video

After all of this time of being on the opposite side of Chael Sonnen, I think I'm finally understanding his sense of humor. He is hilarious. I'd buy a ticket to see Chael and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan in a face-off stand-up comedy show.

Retired fighter, Kenny Florian

KenFlo started his UFC career at a hefty (fat) 185 on "The Ultimate Fighter" season 1. He is the only fighter in UFC history to compete in four different weight divisions from 145 to 185. After all those years of eating carefully and managing his weight, Kenny Florian is now free to indulge in whatever food he feels like eating.

Kenny is famous for finishing fights (instead of relying on the judges to decide who won after three rounds) and for his signature razor sharp elbow strikes. For that reason, attempting to steal a French fry from his dinner plate is probably not a good idea.

Fuel TV videos

For everyone waiting for Fuel TV (I hear they have it in Australia, but I can't get it in Boston through my cable provider), check out their Youtube channel. They post great video clips from the weekly shows and Ariel Helwani's interviews with fighters.

"UFC Tonight" is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), airing every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM ET on Fuel TV. The show is co-hosted by veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender, Kenny Florian and former UFC host and WEC Announcer, Todd Harris. Two-time World MMA Awards Journalist of the Year, Ariel Helwani adds insider news.

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