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Chael Sonnen Clowns Jon Jones on UFC Tonight

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COMMENTARY | When the UFC announced Chael Sonnen would get the next shot at light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, the revelation brought out a mixed bag of emotions from MMA fans around the world.

The reaction wasn't surprising, considering the fact Sonnen hasn't even stepped inside the Octagon since his return to the light-heavyweight division, yet he's managed to talk his way to the front of the line.

However, Chael looks at things differently, and he explained how he secured a shot at the light-heavyweight title with an amusing monologue during the March 19 episode of "UFC Tonight."

"I'll tell you. It was really simple," Chael said. "I got a call one day from Dana [White]. He said, 'Chael I'm putting you to work. You see, I over paid for this light-heavy who I now realize is a jerk. He's been winning fights not with brains nor with brawn, and his matches and his one-arm cartwheels are making the whole crowd yawn. I mean nobody is coming to see him, in living rooms or in bars. Why don't you send this guy to Cirque du Soleil or Dancing With The Stars?' He handed me his wallet, his ATM card, his PIN number too. He said, 'Chael, whatever is in the account, take it. It's all for you.' I thought for a moment and I said, 'I tell you what uncle D, for you and the fans, this one's on me.' So I went and did some homework and got some tape of his fights. I suggest you all give it a try if you're ever having problems sleeping at night. They tell me he's good but I know that can't be true. I saw him get armbared by Vitor [Belfort] and he's 52. He's so boring, he made Machida fall asleep. The snooze fest he had with Rashad [Evans] or beating up on [Stephan] Bonnar -- who's older than God. Look here's the truth, believe me it is. Don't even mention Ryan Bader, he lost a fight to Tito Ortiz!"

Chael finished his number with a stern warning for the youngest champion in UFC history.

"So Jon, I'm coming to New Jersey because I've got a job to do," Sonnen added. "I'm a fully loaded cannon, and I'm pointed right at you. A little advice: go get in your car and hit another tree. Do whatever you have to do to stay away Jon; you don't want to fight me!"

While it might seem like Sonnen never addressed how he managed to become the number one contender in the UFC's light-heavyweight division during his rant, he actually did.

Sonnen's ability to annoy, amuse, and entertain MMA fans with his words is the main reason he'll get to face Jones on April 27 at UFC 159. It's the most profitable option on the table for the UFC and Jones right now besides a super-fight against middleweight champ, Anderson Silva.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 8 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.

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