Chad Johnson Sending Mixed Signals to the Miami Dolphins Again: Fan View

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Because I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins I know they need all the help they can get at the wide receiver position. While I've been hoping that Chad Johnson might be the key to solving that problem for the Fins, I'm not so sure his recent actions are going to help out much. Apparently after the first episode of the HBO series "Hard Knocks," Chad Johnson was declared the one who stole the show, though not in a way that was too pleasing to head coach Joe Philbin.

Johnson cursed, boasted and talked a lot of trash to look and sound a lot like the receiver who was so productive early on in his career. Fast forward one day and now Johnson is saying he "doesn't do media anymore" which is only amplifying the mixed messages he has already been sending to Miami Dolphins fans like me.

Proud or Pouting?

Obviously, the new found soft spoken attitude of Chad Johnson comes as a direct result of the conversation that he had with Joe Philbin. Philbin clearly doesn't like how Johnson is representing himself or the Dolphins and he let him know that.

So, it is quite likely that Johnson isn't talking more because he is pouting about being scolded as opposed to being proud and turning over a new leaf in his football life. To me, it's comparable to when I discipline my seven year old and he gives me the silent treatment for a few days.

Déjà Vu?

Chad Johnson recently said that he felt good being able to breathe again in Miami. Some point to the fact that he, and his attitude, were kept under control while he played last season with the New England Patriots. That forced silence could be partially to blame for his apathetic performance of only catching 15 passes all season.

This begs the question, if the Dolphins attempt to keep him quiet and under control as the Patriots did, will there be more of the same this season? Should Philbin stand strong in his position and should Johnson's silent treatments go on, the end result might very well be another lackluster season for Johnson. While that was fine with me when he played on the Patriots, as a diehard Dolfan I want to see production.

Un-Mix the Signals Please

To be quite honest, I don't mind the trash talking that comes from Chad Johnson. That's just the persona of some players. As long as he can back up his talk with big stats on the field, I really don't see any Dolphins fans caring too much. However, what I don't want is mixed messages.

I think in the end Johnson will be Johnson and he will break out of his shell once more. Once he does, provided he is producing on the field, then I'm almost certain Philbin will be a little more tolerant of his rants. But, until Chad Johnson un-mixes the signals he is sending, Dolphins fans like me will continue to scratch our heads and wonder what will come next.

Jimmy Collins has been a loyal "Dolfan" and fan of the NFL since he was six years old when he met Dan Marino and several other Miami Dolphins players. Still a resident of South Florida, he attends numerous Miami Dolphins games each season and enjoys writing about the NFL and the Miami Dolphins in particular.

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