Cesc Fabregas' assist on Chelsea's goal will blow your mind

Ryan Rosenblatt
SB Nation

In case you hadn't noticed, Cesc Fabregas is back in the Premier League.

Now you've noticed.

Chelsea's season didn't start so well, as Burnley scored first, but the Blues got a goal from Diego Costa and then Fabregas got in the middle of this beauty.

Branislav Ivanovic's cross is nice. So is Andre Schurrle's finish. The movement is great too. It's all extremely well done, but that pass by Fabregas is next-level.

You're going to hit a pass on the volley? That's hard.

You're going to chip it? That's really hard.

You're going to perfectly weight it onto the foot of a runner? Screw you, no you're not. No one would pull that off.

Fabregas did.

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