Will Cavs Help Lakers Get Howard?: Fan Reaction

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The Los Angeles Lakers are still chasing Dwight Howard, and by the time this production is finished, every team in the league may be involved in the trade rumors. We have heard about Brooklyn, Houston and now the Cavaliers. In the past, Cleveland was supposedly hesitant to get involved in helping a team like the Lakers get another star. They didn't want to be a facilitator in creating another super team. However, if the Cavs can get Andrew Bynum, they might change their tune.

A real rumor?

As fans, we're stuck again in this merry-go-round of speculation. There is no way to know how strong this rumor might be or whether we should follow the latest updates. I find it interesting to read a quote from another media outlet that says, "One source familiar with the talks, though, cautioned not to make too much of that shift just yet." Translation? This may just be another puff of smoke that will not turn into any sort of actual negotiations between teams. We have been down this road before.

Problems with the deal

Of course, another quote may tell it all. As noted, "The complicating point for any deal to be completed, sources say, is whether Bynum and Howard agree to extensions with their next team." No kidding. Howard indicated previously that he would only sign with the Nets. Granted, he may change his tune now that it appears that he is not going to Brooklyn. No one knows what Bynum wants to do with his future. Ironically, it may be easier to convince Andrew to sign a deal. Then again, who can tell?

An unsure future?

Would the Lakers do a deal like this even if Howard refuses to sign a long-term deal? I suppose management is in a position where they don't have any assurances from Howard or Bynum. If they trade for Howard, he may walk away after the season. However, if they stick with Bynum, he may also walk away. Therefore, the Laker leadership may see a Howard deal as a risk that is worth taking.

The saga continues…



The author grew up in Seattle and now lives in Los Angeles, where he enjoys the rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers, and all the drama that goes with being in the Southland. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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