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Carolina Panthers Week Four Injury Report Against the Atlanta Falcons: Fan's Take

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The Carolina Panthers are traveling to the Georgia Dome to take on the mighty Atlanta Falcons in an NFC South showdown. While the history for the Carolina Panthers in Atlanta is painful at best, they are still hopeful to turn a slow start in 2012 around. Here is a look at the injuries for the Panthers as of Saturday night, September 29, 2012 and how they might affect the game from a fan's perspective:

Injuries for the Carolina Panthers

Out - Antwan Applewhite, Mike Pollak

Applewhite is the primary loss here as he is a great depth guy and provides a big play or two on a weekly basis. He is one of the guys I look forward to watching simply because he maximizes his potential by having a very quick motor.

Questionable - Jon Beason, Thomas Davis, Greg Hardy

All three of these guys are very much needed in the lineup, but especially Beason. Beason did not practice early in the week and only practiced a little in the Friday session. Davis and Hardy had full practice sessions on Friday so I feel a bit better about their chances. If Beason is out, look for rookie linebacker Luke Kuechly to possibly make his presence known early and often.

Probable- Jonathan Stewart, Byron Bell, Thomas Keiser, Colin Jones, Chris Gamble

Now this is a group of guys that give a fellow reasons to hope. Jonathan Stewart being in the lineup always gives you a better chance but the Panthers in particular seem to need him this season. Sometimes having that change of pace back can make all the difference in the world and that appears to be the case in Carolina.

Byron Bell is another big cog in that running game and his return would be huge as well. Bell has only been starting for a short time, but he has quickly become a solid lineman. Bell will make that running game purr again if he returns to form quickly.

Gamble is a must-have at corner so he will be key to the Panthers against Atlanta. No guy is more important on that defense right now simply because we don't have a guy to replace Gamble. The drop off there is significant.

Thomas Keiser may be the biggest name on this list if only because he delivers a pass rush. This kid gets to the quarterback as well as anyone on the team when you figure the limited number of reps he gets in the game. That said, he has to learn to do the other things before he will get much playing time. For now, the pass rush will be quite handy.

All in all, week four looks pretty good on the injury front. Certainly there are some snags that could come along, but the vast majority of our team will be intact if Beason is able to play. The others seem likely to be there and ready to do battle.

Source - Carolina injury report

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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