Cardinals' QB situation remains very fluid

Dan Arkush
Cardinals' QB situation remains very fluid

Don’t get too comfortable with John Skelton as the Cardinals’ starting QB.

It does appear the job is definitely Skelton’s to lose after he was officially named the Week One starter over Kevin Kolb on Aug. 31 by head coach Ken Whisenhunt. But we hear the Cardinals' QB situation remains extremely fluid, with Kolb, who most close team observers believe performed better overall in practice this summer than Skelton, still likely to get an opportunity to start again at some point.

“Considering the bad start the team had last year, and that three of the first four games are at home, I don’t think Whisenhunt will wait too long to make a move if he doesn’t like what he’s seeing at quarterback,” said one team insider. “They really wanted Kolb to win the job. But John has just been calmer with a lot more poise, and the team just seems to respond to him a little bit better.”

Widely considered to be a key turning point in the QB battle between Kolb and Skelton was Kolb’s total unraveling at the start of the second half in the fourth preseason game vs. the Titans. “He had just led them to a TD in the two-minute offense at the end of the first half, and all I think he really had to do was to be just efficient on the first second-half possession to win the starting job,” the insider said. “Instead, his first pass (which was returned for a TD) had to be one of the ugliest that anybody had ever seen.”

Regulars at Cardinals practices, however, tell us Skelton’s passes have been far from picturesque. “There were some throws from him where you couldn’t even tell if he was underthrowing or overthrowing,” the insider said. “Kolb was a lot more consistent.”