Capuano Goes 8 Strong Innings to Help Dodgers Beat Marlins: Fan's View

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Capuano Goes 8 Strong Innings to Help Dodgers Beat Marlins: Fan's View

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Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On August 12, in the final game of a three-game series in Miami, the Los Angeles Dodgers really came together behind eight innings of incredible pitching by Chris Capuano to beat the Miami Marlins 5-0. The win gives the Dodgers the second win of the series, and the team now heads north to Pittsburgh for four games with the Pirates.

The Marlins game was pretty quiet until the eight inning, with Capuano striking out 10 Marlins and not letting anyone else really get wood on the ball. The Dodgers were ahead 1-0, but again were just not able to get any momentum going. Things changed in the eighth and the Dodgers knocked in four runs.

I think we are finally starting to see all the elements for success come together. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are healthy and returning to their full potential. Dodger pitching looks strong to me, with amazing performances possible from guys like Capuano. And the new Dodgers are starting to work together with the team, especially Hanley Ramirez.

Chris Capuano

Dodger pitcher Chris Capuano just dominated the August 12 game, going eight strong shut-out innings and allowing only two hits the whole game. I think Capuano has been a key addition to the team this year and it seems he's sometimes overshadowed by Clayton Kershaw. With Capuano looking so strong, I wonder why Mattingly took him out instead of letting him record a complete game. After the win, he is now 11-8 with a 3.11 ERA.

Ned Colletti

Colletti-haters may disagree with me, but I sure think Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has made some great moves, especially recently. Come on, let's just talk about Chris Capuano and Hanley Ramirez. And Colletti is a guy who had to run the team under the financial mess that was the Frank McCourt ownership. Despite that, he continued to make moves to build a strong team and I firmly believe we are finally seeing the results and will see the proof in October.

Hanley Ramierez

It's exciting to watch Ramirez becoming a Dodger superstar, even after only 17 games with the team. You can see his connection to Matt Kemp and that's the kind of bonding that wins championships. As they always do, in the Miami game, when Ramirez knocked a key double in the eight inning, he made the goggles gesture to Matt Kemp, who returned it, both as if to say "I see you!" Ramirez has 18 RBIs in the 17 games since he came here, which is what the Dodgers need to win consistently.

Luis Cruz

Another new Dodger superstar is Luis Cruz, who plays shortstop but with all the awesome Dodger infielders, incoming Ramirez, Cruz hasn't been able to play every game. I think he's been another one of the Dodgers' surprise superstars this year. I just wish Mattingly would give him more playing time, as when he's in there, he delivers. Cruz came through with another double in the eighth against Miami to help push things forward in the rally. Cruz has 10 doubles and 19 RBIs this season.

Freddy Sherman grew up in Philadelphia, which didn't make being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan easy. He has lived in Los Angeles for twenty years, now able to follow the Dodgers openly and attends games frequently. You can follow him on Twitter -@thefredsherman.

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