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After Canelo, Are There Any Challenges Left for Floyd Mayweather?

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COMMENTARY | Floyd Mayweather taking on Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is easily the biggest fight in boxing aside from the obvious showdown that has washed on the shore of broken dreams between Mayweather and Pacquiao. However, it appears that this fight probably shouldn't be taking place at this current time and was forced to happen after the perceived low pay per view numbers of Mayweather's wipe out of little known Robert Guerrero. The general consensus is that this is the fight the public wants to see. But if Mayweather were to get past Canelo, it begs the question "What's next?"

With Showtime basically blowing its load by booking the Mayweather-Alvarez fight perhaps a tad prematurely, it becomes rather difficult to find a suitable series of opponents for Mayweather. This will be only the second in a six-fight, 30-month deal that is worth around $200 million. Showtime is going to need to get creative in order to find a way to keep competition fresh. But judging by the lack of competition left for Mayweather, the task will be a lofty one.

There have been grumblings about the winner of the Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia showdown being the next in line to face Mayweather. But honestly, neither of those fights make much sense. Mayweather is bigger than both and is legions ahead of the competition they have faced. Garcia struggled mightily down the stretch against Zab Judah and has a resume littered with glass jaws (Amir Khan) and over the hill fighters (Erik Morales...twice). For all the devastating punching power that Matthysse possesses, it will be hard to believe that he would be offering more than what Canelo will be bringing to Mayweather on September 14. Not to mention that neither fighter is a big enough name to help sell a PPV with a Floyd Mayweather who has dramatically turned down his shtick to sell fights.

So, who else is there?

As much as Gennady Golovkin wants the Mayweather fight, it just won't happen. Sergio Martinez doesn't seem to be a reasonable fight either. Amir Khan may bring some star power to the table but that has certainly been dulled after being slammed by Garcia. Everyone else between the 140 and 154 lbs weight classes that are worth mentioning all are shaded by the Bob Arum umbrella. Adrien Broner's name continuously has been brought up but neither Broner nor Mayweather have feigned even the slightest interest in facing each other.

So, seriously, what is left for Mayweather to do aside from collect a check and cement his legacy?


Beating a young, hungry and talented fighter in Alvarez will silence some of the naysayers that said Mayweather would never face someone bigger, stronger and over a decade his junior. This will likely be the last massive event for Mayweather. Sure, all of his fights are events of some sort. But Canelo presents a challenge for the undefeated fighter. If he were to soundly thump Alvarez, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that has the drawing power and skills to create a mega fight.

With Manny Pacquiao being an afterthought, Floyd Mayweather will likely ride off into the sunset with an undefeated record and a vault full of enough money that would make him boxing's version of Scrooge McDuck. But don't blame him for being undefeated while making a ton of money his way. Skeptics will say that he avoided some very dangerous challengers throughout the course of his career. And while that may be true, Mayweather could care less what you think. As long as there is a giant zero in the loss column and a plethora of zeroes in his bank account, the man known as "Money" will be a happy man.

All we can do is sit back and watch the Mayweather farewell tour.

Andreas Hale is a former editor at websites including and Today, he resides in the fight capital of the world and has covered boxing and MMA for mainstream media outlets such as and Jay-Z's, as well as die-hard outlets, including, Fight! Magazine, Ultimate MMA, and others.

You can follow him on Twitter (@AndreasHale).

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