Buyers and Sellers in the NL West: A Fantasy Owner's View

As Teams Begin to Buy and Sell Based on Their 2012 Prospects, What Will Impact Fantasy Baseball Owners?

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The lines appear to be evenly divided in the National League West. There are the solid contenders represented by the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. Then there is the 'fringe team' that needs a tweak here and there (Arizona Diamondbacks). Finally, there are the cellar dwellers where the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres must begin assessing what went wrong with their 2012 seasons.

So who is going to buy and sell as the season progresses? What will fantasy owners need to keep an eye on?

Los Angeles Dodgers - Buyers (1st; 42-28)

Surprise! Look who has the best record in the National League! Many of the woes on offense (291 runs scored; 9th in the NL) will be cured with the return of Matt Kemp. Nonetheless, third base continues to be elusive for this club and fantasy owners of Kevin Youkilis should be thrilled if this turns out to be his destination despite Dodgers Stadium not being the best of hitters parks.

San Francisco Giants - Buyers (2nd; 38-32)

This team is in desperate need of a power hitting outfielder. Carlos Quentin would be an ideal acquisition and would get a slight lift for owners by leaving San Diego. Other potential beneficiaries include Adam Lind (Toronto Blue Jays) and Corey Hart (Milwaukee Brewers). Would the Giants seek a more aggressive deal for Carlos Lee (Houston Astros)? Owners of Lind, Hart, and Lee would all benefit from the change of scenery


Arizona Diamondbacks - Buyers and Sellers (3rd; 34-35)

It all seems so simple - move a starting pitcher (2013 free agent, Joe Saunders) for a third baseman (Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox) and promote Trevor Bauer. All three would see an instant fantasy lift. But could it possibly happen?

Colorado Rockies - Sellers (4th; 26-42)

The Rockies need to sell in an effort to attain some sort of reasonable starting pitching for the future. Owners will be wise to keep tabs on Rafael Betancourt whose value will be crushed in a potential deal. Every other member of the pen is probably available as well, though any deal would have little fantasy impact. Owners may want to take a flyer on Adam Ottavino given he could be next in line for saves, especially if Matt Belisle is dealt, too. The Rockies would also be wise to shop Michael Cuddyer given his flexibility in the field and solid bat. No matter where he winds up, he should see regular playing time.

San Diego Padres

- Sellers (5th; 24-46)

The two big chips here are Carlos Quentin and Huston Street. Both could bring a nice haul for the Padres who seem to be building a bright future despite disaster in 2012. Teams in need of Quentin include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Tamps Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Pirates. All would be good landing spots for owners. Meanwhile, Street could wind up anyplace. The fantasy world will want to monitor that situation closely since he could easy gain or lose considerable value.

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