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Busch stirs emotions, pro and con

Jay Hart
Yahoo Sports

If you all hate talking about Kyle Busch so much, then why is my mailbox stuffed with emails talking about Kyle Busch?

Kyle Busch IS an ass, and should have been smacked for what he did in the Nationwide race. The first touch was his fault. HE didn't clear Kesolowski, HE lost it, and Keso tapped him. What happened next was all Busch. He should have been parked, sweep possibility or no. If it had been me instead of Keso, he wouldn't have finished Sat night, let alone won.

Elk City, Okla.

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The irony here is that Brad Keselowski couldn't retaliate Saturday night because of his own past actions. Remember, he's on probation until the end of the year — yes, even in the Cup Series.

While I agree that the first touch was actually Busch's fault, no driver gives Keselowski the benefit of the doubt anymore — nor should they. That's a bed he's made and one he's got to sleep in.

As for Busch being parked and/or fined? Again, I think this comes back to who the "victim" was. Had it been Jeff Burton on the receiving end of Busch's love tap, I think there would have been a points penalty (not that that matters) and a hefty fine. That's one way to send a message. Another is to not do anything, which is the route NASCAR chose. And by doing so, they sent a direct message to Keselowski that they aren't going to protect him anymore. If he wants people to race him clean, he's going to have to race them clean back.

The thing with the 18 car, NASCAR and you the media need and love to have something to write about that may drum up some lost interest by the fans.

Clayton, N.C.

You have a point. I mean, why would we talk about a guy who drove from the back to win the truck race on Wednesday, then turn around and talk about him again on Friday when he admittedly wrecked another driver and focus on him yet again on Saturday when he became the first driver ever to win all three national series races in a single week? We totally ignored Junior's first top 15 in nearly two months!

It's tough being a Kyle Busch fan. But not this weekend.

Los Angeles

Hi Jay. I was thinking that even though the racing at Bristol was great this weekend, I still felt the Sprint Cup race was anti-climatic. First of all Busch dominated the race. Although I do not like him, I cannot argue with his ability and unfortunately he did make history.

Second, the hype that was built around the Sprint Cup race was so much, Busch v. Keselowski and Logano v. Newman and so on, that when nothing happened it left a lot of fans wanting more.

John Catawba, N.C.

Right after Friday night's race ended, I told my wife that the Nationwide Series puts on a much better show than the Cup Series. Earlier that same day Jeff Burton nailed the reason why: "I love to race and I like the fact that they're long, but I think the quality of the race could be a little better if it was a little bit shorter."

Burton wasn't directly comparing the Nationwide Series to the Cup Series, but the implication is there. Shorter races tighten up the action and get to the climax – the final few laps – without all the inaction that we see in the middle portion of just about every Cup race.

If NASCAR wants to attract younger fans while keeping the attention of the ones they have, shortening races is where they need to start.

Perfect scenario, Kyle Busch only needs to finish 15th or better in Homestead for the Championship. Brad Keselowski has a tire issue, ruins a fender, and his day is shot. Kyle while leading passes the wounded car of Keselowski and he takes Kyle out. No race win, no championship, and NASCAR gets what they want … a winter long discussion about what is going to happen in February at Daytona. Poetic justice for all.

Paul Malone
Peoria, Ariz.

Jay, How can we hate Kyle Busch? Though most have trouble admitting it, Kyle is exactly what the typical die-hard race fan wants in a driver: He is a super talented driver who wins a lot, he doesn't take crap off of the competition, and when he talks, we get riled up. Kyle's little crying gesture he flashed the crowd after Friday night's nationwide win was hilarious!

The way I see it, the next great Kyle Busch story would be for him to be the one to interrupt JJ's Drive for 5. You'd get some serious hate mail for that!

On an unrelated note, I've come up with a new NASCAR Party Game. Every time a member of the ABC/ESPN broadcast team says the word "Mix", you have to drink.

Bill Tiffany
Nashville, Tenn.

I respect Busch because he embraces his role. He understands it's a show, that there is always a villain, and he plays a pretty freaking good one. Love him or hate him, he is entertaining, and don't you tune in to be entertained?

Hi Jay, Just reading about the Bristol nationwide race and Kyle Busch made a comment that Keslowski didn't do an "Earnhardt crossover". What is that?

New York

Busch passed underneath Keselowski, then moved up the track in front of him. What Busch expected was for Keselwoski to immediately steer down the track and try to pass him right back on the low side. That would have been a crossover move.

This and that …

Jay, this has always annoyed me. But would it be possible for Yahoo to post a race time on the NASCAR yahoo page like the other sports have. Thanks.

Drew Abraham
Natchitoches, LA

We do every day of the year, but unlike other sites, we publish the actual start time of the race, not the start of the television broadcast. You can find the times on our Schedule & Results page right here.

Ok, since the subject of The National Anthem has been brought up I would like to make a few comments.

First – What is wrong with original version that most of us were brought up singing? Why do we have to endure the blues version, the hip hop version, the rock version and even the let me see how bad I can mess this up version?

Second – Who changed the rule of taking your hats off and placing your hand over your heart? Ok, so it's not a rule but it should be as an AMERICAN citizen. Someone needs to tell the drivers and crews that it looks really disrespectful when they just stand there with their arm around their lady or talking to the person beside them.

I love to see the RCR teams when they pan them because they all show the respect from what I have seen. I love it when they show Jeff Gordon holding his daughter and she has her hand over their heart.

JP and Marcos are exempt since they are not citizens but they at least stand still and show respect.

I have been at races both NASCAR and local where some idiot stands there with their hat on sipping on their beer. Makes me want to go and smack them upside the head and remind them where we live and what the song means. And we wonder why our country is going to h e double hockey sticks in a hand basket. If you don't respect our flag, don't respect our National Anthem then you don't respect our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Lee Humphrey
Longview, Texas

Last call, Part I …

I was watching the video today on you Wally discussing Junior's future/problems and my first thought when you came on the screen was " congratulations on your BIG BOY haircut." It's about time. That's all I got, just wanted to mess with you!

James Ross
Henderson, Nev.

Last call, Part II …

Whoever cut your hair, don't go back there again. We don't need you to have that "corporate look".

Dave Garnett
Lufkin, Texas

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