Will Buffalo Bills Be Held Back by Sloppy Offense? Fan Take

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If Buffalo Bills fans learned anything over the last week, it's that if this team has a weak link, it's the offense. Of course, it's only preseason, but it should be clear by now that starters on defense and special teams should meet or exceed expectations this year. That the team's offensive backups performed so poorly means that the Bills will have a distinct lack of depth. That the offensive starters were effectively neutered when they were out on the field is even worse.

At least the defense held RG3 and the Redskins to no more than 11 yards in their first two possessions, including a 3-and-out and a fumble recovered by secondary stalwart George Wilson. Brian Moorman and the punting unit were outstanding (botched penalties aside). The combination of poor field position and having to contend with high quality defensive starters at the line of scrimmage and backfield will make it very tough for any offense facing Buffalo. Unfortunately, they may get a reprieve in the Bills offense doesn't shape up quickly.

I know, I know. A lot of doom and gloom for a couple of series in a single preseason game. Maybe the sloppy play we saw out on the field, with Ryan Fitzpatrick and company looking goofy trying to pull off the no-huddle, was nothing but a fluke. I hope so.

On paper, not even the most pessimistic fan can deny that things look good. At least, it looks like the 2012 Bills offense should be at least as good if not better than the 2011 offense.

We've got a healthy Fitz who's had his first full offseason as the definite starter. He's worked on throwing mechanics with David Lee. Eric Wood should be healthy by the time the regular season begins, and we've got Chris Hairston and Cordy Glenn for competent O-line depth. Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller could be the best combination of tailbacks in the league. Scott Chandler has signaled the return of a viable TE target in the Bills' passing game.

We've (supposedly) got a healthy Stevie Johnson, groin troubles behind him. The (nullified) touchdown was a nice sign, but the receiver corp remains a patch-work. David Clowney's had at least four years of pro experience, but it's clear that he's little more than a band-aid. T.J. Graham might be worth getting a little excited over, but he's only a rookie after all.

Conventional wisdom is that the FO will use the roster spot recently made available by the departure of Michael Jasper to grab a safety on the open market. Maybe Buddy Nix and company should consider a veteran receiver instead.

Taurus Londono grew up in Buffalo, NY, where he watched the Buffalo Bills go to four consecutive Super Bowls. He is a lifelong fan of the team.

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