Bruins Summer Workouts Have Begun: Fan's Take

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Summer, for the Boston Bruins, is a time of many things: of relaxation (see also Tyler Seguin's Twitter feed, an offseason travelogue) but also of readying their bodies for next season. As a Bruins fan, I'm happy to know that because they're doing their due diligence but also because, in at least one case, they're motivated by the early playoff exit this year to do better next year.

Dennis Seidenberg is starting his summer training regimen, inspired in part by watching playoff games from his couch. He doesn't like watching games from that perspective, though. He would rather be in the thick of it, still playing games, still on the quest for the Stanley Cup. So, it's made him hungry to get even better and improve his game for next year. He has goals: to get better, faster, more stable and more explosive.

During the Bruins' playoff run this year, Seidenberg and Zdeno Chara were often paired on defense and charged with shutting down the big guns on the Washington Capitals, including Alexander Ovechkin. Remember this big hit that Seidenberg delivered to Ovechkin in the first game of the series? Maybe this summer workout regimen can help Seidenberg make more of those big hits next season.

Seidenberg is also busy off the ice this summer, though. He and his wife Rebecca recently became parents for the third time, welcoming son Breaker to their family (they have two daughters too), so this is baby's first summer. The whole family plans to head to Florida for a month and have a good time beachside, although perhaps Seidenberg will keep up his training while he's there. He seems to be a big fan of beaches: he brought the Stanley Cup to Atlantic City last summer and partied it up on the boardwalk. But then I suppose a beach is quite different from the environment in his hometown in Germany.

It's good as a fan to know that some of the Bruins are starting to get into their offseason conditioning. It's just the first step down the road to training camp and another great season--maybe one with a longer playoff run this time.

Emma Harger is a part of Bruins Nation and is starting to wonder if she, like Seidenberg, should start a summer workout regimen.

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