Brooklyn Nets Poised to Again Overtake Knicks in New York: A Fan’s View

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Brooklyn Nets Poised to Again Overtake Knicks in New York: A Fan’s View

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A smiling Carmelo Anthony looks forward to the upcoming season.

How uncomfortable do you think it would be for Madison Square Garden Chairman, the incompetent James Dolan, if the newly renamed and relocated Brooklyn Nets stole New York City from underneath him?

All the maneuvering and posturing, signings and firings, trades and releases over the last few years, with intentions to deliver the franchise from the depths of despair to championship status, may eventually not even guarantee them city bragging rights.

Clearly, there's a long way to go before any real advantage is established between the Knicks and Nets. Since most folks believe both are playoff teams - and isn't it manageable to be since eight teams from the conference will qualify - wouldn't it be electrifying if the two met in the playoffs?

You might be interjecting that the franchises have some recent history as playoff foes, back when the Knicks' Jason Kidd was a generation younger leading the Nets. But the Nets were buried in New Jersey at the time and hardly registered on the metropolitan area sports radar. As a matter of fact, there may never have been a team so close to New York City that seemed less like a New York team than the Nets. Even the New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils have more presence.

That's not the case anymore. The Nets are right down the block now, a short subway ride away, and they're poised to take advantage of it. In fact, they're aiming first for New York relevance before conquering the rest of the NBA, even if they are indicating differently in their scripted media remarks.

They assuredly have an opportunity to accomplish local supremacy, too. The Nets' point guard, Deron Williams, is the best player in New York, which means he's better than Carmelo Anthony. After dancing with, and failing to land, other superstars to play alongside him, they eventually acquired Joe Johnson, who's a dynamic offensive player. He should further blossom with Williams as his running mate. If Brook Lopez can stay on the court, the Nets are dangerous - and motivated. Together, those are two powerful basketball characteristics.

They've overtaken the Knicks before on the way to the NBA Finals. This time, people might actually care.

Glenn Vallach has been a basketball fan, player, and coach during his lifetime and, as such, an ardent follower of the NBA even with all its warts. He have also been a New York Knick fan since the days of Howie Komives and Walt Bellamy, when he regularly boarded the IRT Subway at 180th Street in the Bronx for a trip to the Garden to see his heroes.


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