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Brock Lesnar is the Perfect Guy to Confront Ryback at Hell in a Cell: A Fan's Take

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On this past Monday's Raw, the WWE announced that CM Punk would be defending the WWE Title against Ryback at the Hell in a Cell pay per view on October 28. The move would never have been anticipated a couple months ago, as Ryback was mainly stuck feasting on local jobbers, let alone a couple years ago when Ryback was the bumbling "Skip Sheffield," struggling to find a place in the WWE.

At first glance, it may seem like the WWE is boxing itself in by booking this match for the title so early in Ryback's run to the top. On one hand, if he wins the title, the WWE's flagship belt will be around the waist of an unproven commodity that will likely struggle at times with the interviews often required of the top dog. On the other hand, if CM Punk defeats Ryback, it could do severe damage to Ryback's image as an unbeatable monster. In addition, because the match will take place in the no holds barred Hell in a Cell, CM Punk can't merely get himself counted out or disqualified as a way to avoid either potentially damaging scenario.

There is one viable way the WWE can avoid either result, while at the same time building to something much bigger for November's Survivor Series. Right now, there's nothing the WWE could do that would be "bigger" (in terms of muscle mass) than a showdown between Ryback and Brock Lesnar. This can all be set up by Lesnar interjecting himself into the WWE Title Hell in a Cell match to help CM Punk win.

Better yet, this move would make perfect sense in the story, as there are many reasons why Brock Lesnar would want to keep Ryback from beating CM Punk to win the WWE Title. First, Punk has been associated with Paul Heyman for the past few weeks, and the Lesnar-Heyman connection has long been established.

Second, and more importantly, it stands to reason that Ryback being considered the WWE's next great unstoppable monster would not sit well with Lesnar. Before he went on to conquer the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it was Brock who was positioned in a very similar role by the WWE. Plus, since Lesnar returned to the WWE earlier this year, he has been on a mission to show that he is the most unstoppable force in WWE history. There would be no better way for him to prove it than to stop the runaway train that is Ryback.

Therefore, it would make all of the sense in the world for Lesnar to come back to the WWE at Hell in a Cell to try to cost Ryback the WWE Title match. It would allow Punk to finally move on to a championship grudge match against John Cena, and it would set up an epic battle between two of the fiercest monsters in recent WWE history.

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