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Brian Vickers Deserves Full-Time Ride After Victory

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COMMENTARY | After his win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Brian Vickers has solidified why he deserves a full-time ride next year in the Sprint Cup Series.

After two years of driving a part-time schedule and working his way back up to being competitive, he has shown that he should be given the opportunity to compete for a championship.

Vickers has had two of the best years of his career since joining Michael Waltrip Racing at the start of last season. With Hamlin being injured early in the season, Vickers has gotten a larger number of races to truly show his abilities across different tracks and had it not been for some bad luck, he would have been much more competitive as well.

At this point in the season, he has also been having much more consistently high finishes than Martin and Waltrip, who Vickers is splitting seat time with. Giving him time to work closer with the team and getting himself into more a groove to being on track each week will only help Vickers become a great driver to round out an already impressive MWR stable.

Up until this point, Vickers has done nothing but drive the wheels off the car every chance that he gets. Waltrip needs to seize the opportunity while it is right there in front of him and give Vickers the opportunity to actually compete and put a third MWR car in the Chase picture every year.

Where Vickers has finished from week to week has not really reflected how well he has actually performed in many of the races. This fact makes what he has done even more impressive as he has still had one of the best years of his career and a great year compared to some teams on the circuit.

Vickers has waited it out in order to get with a team that he knew he could be competitive with rather than just taking any opportunity that comes along. This should be rewarded with a ride that shows how dedicated he has been to Michael Waltrip Racing by sticking with it, even though it was giving him a very limited schedule.

Vickers still has four races in the 55 to prove himself before the end of the season, but it appears that Waltrip would be foolish to let a driver like this slip through his hands moving forward. He has proved that not only does he deserve the opportunity, but that he also will make the most of it and make it worth it for the teams and sponsors alike.

Matt Fitzgerald lives in Las Vegas and has been following NASCAR for 15 years now. He never misses a race and goes to as many as possible at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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