Brett Favre Returns to Football as a High School Coach: Fan's Reaction

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We all knew Brett Favre wouldn't stay away from the football field for long.

The man craves the thrill of competition and his love for the game is unparalleled. It's not surprising that Favre is back in action, but the real shocker is that he decided to make his return at the youth-league level rather than college or the pro ranks.

Favre Returns As An Offensive Coordinator.....For A High School Team

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Favre is expected to be named the new offensive coordinator at Hattiesburg (Miss.) Oak Grove High within days and the move may be official as early as the evening of July 23.

In my view, this is a win-win for all sides. For Favre, it gives him something productive to do besides just hanging out on his farm in Mississippi, and it also provides these student-athletes with the unique opportunity to learn how to play football from a legend.

It's obviously not a quick cash grab, as Favre reportedly has a net worth of approximately $100 million and high school football coaches don't make a ton of money.

The Yahoo! report didn't say how much Favre would be paid for this position, but whatever it is, it would obviously pale in comparison to his NFL paychecks.

To be honest, I saw this move coming from a mile away. Favre's love for the game kept him around football far longer than his body wanted him to be.

He could have easily retired at the end of his stint with the Green Bay Packers in 2007, but enjoying the competition so much led him to stick around and play for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings between 2008 and 2010.

Some may rip Favre for this move for trying to make his way back into the national headlines, but I see it as an NFL legend doing a positive thing by sharing his knowledge with young students and giving back to his local community.

Setting A Precedent For More NFL Athletes?

I would love to see more retired NFL stars doing this kind of thing, as the kids are clearly thrilled about learning from a true pro.

Favre's southern drawl and country-boy, blue-collar worker personality helped him connect on a strong level with the average NFL fan, but you never got the sense that he would make a transition into a broadcasting career.

He doesn't have the same quick-witted comical stylings of a Michael Strahan or the polished speaking skills of a Troy Aikman, so it never really seemed that he would become an analyst.

Who knows? Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful coaching career for Favre. He could always start at the high school level and work his way up to the college and pro ranks if all goes well.

I always saw coaching in Favre's future and I hope it works out well for him. Kudos to him for giving back to the kids and doing something positive for his community.

Eric Holden has been covering youth league sports since 2009 and he is a lifelong New York Jets fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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