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Brandon Marshall Predicts Super Bowl for Chicago Bears: Fan's Take

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Despite there being some truth to the idea that the Chicago Bears have a better shot at a Super Bowl triumph this upcoming season than they have had in a long, long time, I have one word in response to Brandon Marshall's bold prediction: "Sigh."

It should be flat out obvious that every team every year has a Super Bowl victory on their mind. For the most part, that's the very reason they're competing in the first place. It goes without saying that players expect their team to reach the Super Bowl every year. That's just the thing, it should go without saying. But Brandon Marshall, along with countless other players throughout the history of sports, decided that the statement needed to be said. During a post-practice interview, Marshall predicted; "This is just between us, so keep it here. Super Bowl." As a Bears fan, I certainly hope so, but there are more than a few fish to fry before getting there.

In all honesty, like most of these predictions are, it's harmless enough. It's all part of the relentless coverage that professional football has come to warrant. Even though I believe it is harmless, I still wish he didn't say it. Achieving something like a Super Bowl win is so hard without putting any kind of target on your back needlessly --even if the predictions made are made in a lighthearted way. Lovie Smith doesn't mind it so much; "It would be hard to tell guys, 'Hey, let's try to win eight games,' 'Let's try to win the division,' Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, what everybody in the locker room is trying to achieve. No problem with that at all."

I don't mind the confidence. I almost don't mind him saying at all, but I'm a big believer in Denzel Washington's line as Frank Lucas in American Gangster: "The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room." The Chicago Bears have a lot to be excited about this season, and they very well may make a big run (though the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions will most likely have a thing or two to say about it), but I always prefer the team to remain in hibernation until their play can speak for itself.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, having lived in Illinois his entire life and having followed the NFL throughout.


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