Brandon Inge's Offensive 'B.Inge' With Oakland A's Should Make Detroit Tigers Fans Smile

Inge Wasn't Getting it Done in Detroit, but He's Adjusted Well with the A's. Attaboy, Brandon

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COMMENTARY| It had to happen eventually, right? Brandon Inge would, one of these days, get his bat going and contribute offensively.

Well, Inge's offense this past week has become one of the biggest stories in all of Major League Baseball. He's hit two grand slams and knocked 12 of his 15 RBI. But Inge didn't do that for the Detroit Tigers -- he was released by the team just a couple weeks ago. No, he's done quite well with his new team, the Oakland A's. And topping it off, he's done well with the A's against the Tigers.

Inge played the Tigers for the first time since being released two weeks ago. He belted a grand slam in the A's 10-6 loss Thursday to the Tigers in Oakland.

"Former team, not former team; it's always fun to hit a grand slam," Inge said.

Inge, always classy in Detroit, is a competitor. He wasn't getting it done with the Tigers -- hitting .140 in spring training and sub-.100 in the regular season -- but he wasn't out for revenge. He just wants to hit the ball.

"That's what makes it fun playing against your old team," Inge said. "You want to win. The competitive side of you, you want to win. I want to play well. But I don't do it for the reason that I want to rub it in."

As a baseball fan, I can't help but wish for Inge to find success. However, I was more than pro-release when it came down to it. Some, though, are having second thoughts. Don't second-guess yourself. Inge's offensive "B.Inge" came from out of the blue. Don't feel bad if you were shouting for the Tigers to let him go -- that needed to happen.

There were two types regarding Inge's situation. Well, three, actually: 1.) Inge had to go. He was terrible, 2.) Inge is a good guy, but he needs to go, 3.) Tigers need to keep Inge. He's been loyal to the team for over a decade.

Neither opinion was wrong, really. I was in the area of No. 2 -- I didn't hate Inge. I wanted him to do well, wherever he landed.

As the highlight shows air footage of his grand slams, smile and say to yourself "Attaboy, Brandon." He's had one of the most productive weeks of any hitter this season -- and in recent memory. "Attaboy, Brandon."

He needed a change of scenery. Sometimes it takes being released for a player to once again find himself. And Inge has -- in Oakland, Calif.

Adam Biggers has followed Major League Baseball for over 20 years, specifically the Detroit Tigers. He can be found on Twitter @AdamBiggers81.

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