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Bowlers from 17 Countries to Participate in PBA World Series of Bowling: A Fan's Take

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All of the participants have been finalized for the PBA World Series of Bowling on Tuesday, Oct. 23. for the five tournaments taking place November 2-11. Every tournament during the World Series of Bowling is completely full and will have 240 different bowlers participating. Of these 240 bowlers, 66 of them will be international bowlers from 16 different countries. With tournament fields like this, you will have to be one of the best bowlers in the world to win a tournament.

The 2011 PBA World Series of Bowling was dominated by international bowlers, so it will be interesting to see if this continues with even more people from overseas bowling. There were a total of eight tournaments held at the World Series of Bowling last year, and seven of them were won by international bowlers. While seven tournaments were won by international bowlers, they were all won by bowlers that bowl every week on the PBA Tour. Not one tournament was won by a bowler that did not intend to bowl another tournament outside of the World Series. The 17 countries that will be represented in the 2012 World Series of Bowling are Australia, Columbia, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Bahrain, Venezuela, England, Iceland, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Finland and the United States.

The World Series of Bowling attracts so many international bowlers because they are able to bowl in multiple tournaments in a very short time. The 2012 World Series will allow them to bowl five different tournaments in just over one week. This drastically reduces the travel expenses for the bowlers coming from overseas. I personally do not think that the international bowlers will dominate like they did last year. There are far too many great American bowlers that did not win last year for the domination to continue. Chris Barnes, Mike Fagan and Sean Rash are three of the five best bowlers in the world, and fully expect multiple titles to be won by the three of them. No matter the results of the tournaments, every bowling fan will be rewarded with high quality bowling at the PBA World Series of Bowling this year.

Jake has been an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.


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