Bowler sets record by slinging perfect 300 game in less than 90 seconds (Video)

Sure, you can roll a strike or two at your local Pin Palace bowling alley. But can you roll 12 of them? And can you do it in a minute and a half? No? Then listen to the story of a man who can … and did.

Ben Ketola is a good bowler, and recently at the 281 Bowl lanes in Cortland, New York put that to the test. He set up all 10 lanes and then raced from lane to lane, rolling a different ball in each one, knocking down all 10 pins each time. After covering all 10, and then the final two lanes to close out the line, the final result? A perfect 300 game in 86.2 seconds.

That averages out to just over seven seconds per strike, no time to drink a beer, smoke, listen to a dude’s stories, or anything other than sling n’ run. It’s believed to be a world record, or at least a record based on what’s currently on YouTube, which is close enough.

“It was fun to do. I honestly wasn’t expecting to do it,” Ketola told local media. “I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes.” Ketola, who works at 281 Bowl — hence the wide-open lanes — generally averages 225 a game. He’d attempted the feat before but had never knocked down more than eight in a row.

Now, this is bowling, and there are rules, chief of which is that you stay in your lane. But while Ketola’s feat may not count as an official perfect game, it lives as one in our hearts. For this, we salute you, Ben Ketola. Long may you roll.

Ben Ketola in the midst of his high-speed perfect game. (YouTube)
Ben Ketola in the midst of his high-speed perfect game. (YouTube)

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