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Boston Celtics Would Reportedly 'Love' to Trade Jordan Crawford

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COMMENTARY | During a season where they lost Rajon Rondo to an ACL injury, the Boston Celtics were desperate for any sort of offensive playmaker. Prior to the trade deadline, Danny Ainge was able to acquire shooting guard Jordan Crawford from the Washington Wizards for practically nothing. With youngsters John Wall and Bradley Beal leading the way, the Wizards were seemingly trying to clear the way for their young guards to lead the way. Crawford was a victim of this, as Washington believed they were adding simply by subtracting.

Now, it seems as if the Celtics may have the same mindset.

According to a report, the Celtics would "love" to deal Jordan Crawford, but they have been unable to do so. If you're a scorer and a team desperate for offense doesn't want you, there probably won't be much interest for your services around the league.

Because they gave up almost nothing and were trying to make one last run for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, it's hard to call the trade a bad move for Boston. However, Crawford didn't end up having much of an impact, and he was pretty much as advertised; a scorer who wasn't very good at scoring efficiently.

The Celtics currently have a huge logjam at shooting guard, featuring Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans, and Crawford. The team may be looking to shed some salary during a rebuilding phase, and it would seem foolish to keep five shooting guards during the process.

Crawford and Brooks are similar players, as offensive guards with high usage rates who primarily look to score. Additionally, neither play any sort of defense. At this point, Brooks is probably the better player, and the team just traded for him. If one of them is going to be shown the door, it will most likely be Crawford.

Of course, the Celtics might be able to find someone eventually. A team like the Memphis Grizzlies struggled to create offense out of their backcourt during the postseason, although they are probably out of the market following the signing of Mike Miller.

Although it was worth a shot to acquire him, the Celtics would be smart to move on from Jordan Crawford. Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee are more well-rounded players, and MarShon Brooks is a better offensive option in comparison to Crawford.

If the report is true, look for the Celtics to jump on almost any offer that comes along for Crawford.

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