Boise State-Michigan State 2012: Trash Talk on Twitter and You Tube Threads Boiling Over Prior to Meeting of Spartans and Broncos

Message Boards on Social Media Accounts Are Bringing Out the Worst in Fans from Both Sides

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COMMENTARY| The comments made on social media like You Tube and Twitter leading up to the Michigan State Spartans' season-opener Aug. 31 against the Boise State Broncos at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing are eerily similar to what is expected during Michigan week.

But Aug. 31 isn't Michigan week.

Broncos and Spartans fans alike are acting like there is a years-old rivalry, hurling insults by the ton at one another, hiding behind online monikers as they insult the Michigan State and Boise State programs.

There is nothing wrong with trash talk -- if it's done properly. Typically, if four-letter swear words are used to debate with, that debate holds no credibility. Typically, if fans have to resort to calling out coaches for having heart attacks on the sidelines -- which happened to Michigan State's Mark Dantonio after a win over Notre Dame in 2010 -- then the debate becomes classless.

Slamming a man in that manner has no place in any type of debate. None.

The Spartans-Broncos duel is easily one of the biggest of the 2012 college football season. However, as fans of the game, it's our responsibility to debate with a little class. Make fun of the "Smurf Turf," say something about Michigan State being Michigan's "Little Brother" -- but leave comments about coaches, personal insults towards players and other needless yap out of the conversation.

Poke fun at Boise State's gaudy uniforms. Say something about Michigan State's... well, actually, you can't really down the Spartans' garb. Pretty sharp, actually.

Here a couple links to videos on You Tube that I found to have, sadly, prime examples of trash talk that goes well beyond good taste.

A video by TheBlueTurfdotcom has a nice little thread of Spartans and Broncos fans slinging verbal assaults. Even the video's producer had a few choice phrases for Spartans fans. Let's keep it classy, guys.

This thread is a little more tame. Good thing.

The intense rivalries make college sports what they are. Without those fan-friendly debates, the sports lose some of their luster. Michigan-Michigan State wouldn't be what it is without weeks of lively chatter. Like the next guy, I'm eagerly anticipating Michigan State-Boise State. However, I don't engage in debate which requires the use of obscene language. Use facts, history and other relevant information when debating about the game.

Let's show our intelligence, guys and gals, leading up to one of the season's best collegiate gridiron matches.

Adam Biggers has followed NCAA football for over 20 years, specifically the Michigan State Spartans and Big Ten Conference. He can be found on Twitter @AdamBiggers81 (same on You Tube).

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