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Bobby Valentine's Top Five Blunders in 2012

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It's time to say goodbye to Bobby Valentine.

The colorful manager stepped into Boston and brought the house down. The Red Sox had a horrible year, and I blame much of it on the manager who could not shut his mouth.

Check out the five biggest blunders he made to help destroy the 2012 season:

Blunder One: Calling Out Kevin Youkilis

Bobby Valentine decided to begin April with a bang. If you want to destroy a team's confidence, start at the top with one of its veteran players. Bobby Valentine called out Kevin Youkilis, embarrassing the team, Youkilis, and himself. "I don't think he's as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason," Valentine said (ESPN). It makes you wonder if Bobby V was picked up to manage the team or tear them apart.

Blunder Two: Filing Wrong Lineup Card aAainst the Minnesota Twins

On April 26, Bobby Valentine checked his cell phone for information on Twins pitcher Liam Hendricks. Valentine set a lineup card to play against a left-handed pitcher when the pitcher was right-handed. Good thing Jarrod Saltalamacchia found the mistake -- and it was fixed before the game.

Blunder Three: Making the Will Middlebrooks Drama Public

Bobby V said something rude about Will Middlebrooks' play, which happens during a long season, but the manager had to make the drama public and embarrass the entire team. Bobby V did not like the team owners sticking up for the players; it hurt his pride. He hurt the team by bringing his drama into the public eye.

Blunder Four: Crashes Bike While Reading Text

To make the Red Sox's season more colorful, Bobby V crashed his bike while reading a text in Central Park. What a perfect end to a horrible Red Sox season.

Blunder Five: Bobby Valentine Being Bobby V

The entire Boston Red Sox season was a blunder. The hiring of Bobby V was a blunder that destroyed the 2012 season. The players did not respect the manager, and the manager put the players in bad positions in games. Bobby Valentine being Bobby V destroyed a season and began a rebuilding process. Now the team is in disarray.

Red Sox fans, there is no need to worry. Bobby Valentine has been fired. The problem? Many of our favorite players are now playing on other teams. It is not fun being on the bottom of the American League East. Maybe next year will be a better year. Could it really get any worse?

LeRoy Coffie is a Boston Red Sox fan who follows the entire American League East of Major League Baseball.




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