Bob Learn Jr Leads PBA Senior South Shore Open After 2nd Qualifying Round: A Fan's Take

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The second round of qualifying was held on Wednesday, Aug. 8, at the PBA Senior South Shore Open in Hammond, IN. Bob Learn Jr had a slim leading heading into the second qualifying round, and he was able to maintain his lead by averaging 229.6. This gives Learn a 231.9 through the 16 games of qualifying, which is good enough for a six pin lead over Wayne Webb. Tom Baker, Walter Ray Williams Jr, Mike Edwards and Lennie Boresch Jr are all within striking distance of the lead. The bowler that wins this tournament is the one that bowls the best over the last two days of the tournament.

Now that the competitors have all completed the two qualifying rounds consisting of eight games each, the top 32 qualifiers have advanced to the match play round. The rest of the tournament will consist of match play bowling until there are only four bowlers left for the championship round. While Bob Learn Jr has been able to lead after both qualifying rounds, does not mean that he is a lock to advance far in the tournament. The PBA Senior South Shore Open is just getting started, and anything can happen during the match play round. If you have one bad day, then you will be eliminated from the tournament. Bob Learn Jr is looking to win his second Senior Tour title this season and lock up the PBA Senior Rookie of the Year Award.

While Learn has been bowling great over the first two days of this tournament, the most interesting story for the remainder of the tournament may be the PBA Senior Player of the Year award race. Walter Ray Williams Jr, Amleto Monacelli and Mike Edwards are the only three bowlers that can win the award, and they are all in the top 16 in the standings after qualifying. If Monacelli or Edwards want to win the award, they must win one of the final two tournaments remaining in the season. They would then have to outperform Williams in the other tournament to win the award. I do not see how Walter Ray Williams will allow anyone to take the award from him, but it should be really fun to watch these three bowlers compete over the remainder of the season.

Jake has bee an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.


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