Bishop Sankey seems likely to win starting job; fantasy value trending up

James Brady
August 13, 2014

Bishop Sankey is primed to beat out Shonn Greene for the starting job. We break down the fantasy implications.

Tennessee Titans running back Bishop Sankey could wind up being the team's starter going into the regular season. It's "easy to envision him as the primary ball-carrier," according to a report from Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt gave Shonn Greene, the current starter, a very small vote of confidence before the preseason opener when he said that Greene was the top back because of experience.

In so many words, that's tantamount to saying Sankey will be the guy once its clear his inexperience will not be detrimental to the team. Again going back to the report from Wyatt, it would be tough to keep Sankey off the field because of his versatility. He can run inside or outside, and he's got great hands in the passing game.

Fantasy Impact: Many are calling it at this point, and it's hard to argue with them. The Titans invested in Sankey over backs that were more highly regarded because they like what he brings to the table. He'll need to work on his pass protection, like any rookie back needs to, but aside from that he seems like a surefire starter.

As to his actual fantasy value, that's still an interesting question. Sankey obviously should not be made a RB1 by any means, but he's got a high ceiling and has the potential to contribute big numbers early and often. We'll likely have a better idea when we see how he's used in the second and third preseason games.