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Bill Murray Reigns as King of Pebble Beach: A Fan's Take

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Tiger Woods has blown another tournament. His final round at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am left him choking in the dust as Phil Michelson roared past him. Week after week, the golf experts proclaim the return of the mighty King of Golf and, tournament after tournament he fails to show up. This year, Woods is not the story of the Pebble Beach Tournament, just another byline in the loser column.

The king of the Pebble Beach Tournament this year turned out to be a little bit different. He did not come to play golf with the masses expecting him to emerge as champion. He came with the hope of entertaining, and bringing good will to golf fans and players alike.

Saturday, he did just that. Dressed in camouflage, and putting on the character of Carl Spackler, from the movie "Caddyshack" Bill Murray gave the crowd reason to cheer. Even dressed for undercover combat in camo, Murray showed a smooth swing, and good ability to punt a football on the green.

Bill Murray has been attending the Pebble Beach Pro-Am for twenty years and along with D.A. Points, won the Pro-Am Tournament last year, but just missed the cut line this time around at 19 under. Murray did not seem to disappointed that he failed to defend his title. The 60 years old, comedian and amateur golfer was pleased just to be there and put on a show, and so was everyone in attendance.

Once known as the Bing Crosby Invitational, the Pebble Beach Tournament has become a favorite on the PGA Tour, and draws huge crowds each year. There can be little doubt that Murray is one of the reasons for the tournament's popularity. The suggestion has even been made that maybe it is time to change the name of the tournament again. The "Bill Murray Pro-Am tournament" has a good ring to it.

The name of the tournament probably will not ever be changed, and it does not even matter. We know who the real king of Pebble Beach is. He conquered the course twenty years ago, and retains his title today. Long live Carl Spackler, the King of Pebble Beach.


Golf is the major summer time sport here in Northeast Harbor. I've played each year here for the past decade. When I lived in Georgia, I had the opportunity to be a spectator at two of the Augusta championships.

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