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Big Show Wins WWE Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell 2012

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The 2012 edition of the WWE Hell in a Cell pay per view was just held on Sunday, Oct. 28, and one of the biggest matches of the event was Big Show taking on Sheamus for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. The two wrestlers have had an ongoing feud for quite some time now, and they finally got a chance to fight for the title. The match was not held in the hell in a cell cage, unlike the other WWE Heavyweight Championship title matches in the history of the pay per view, but that did not stop it from being a great match.

This was a match between two of the biggest and most powerful wrestlers in the WWE. Sheamus has used his brute force and strength to defeat most of his opponents in the past, but he would not be able to do this to the Big Show. As you would expect, there was not much technical wrestling going on in this match. Big Show used his size to his advantage, but Sheamus was still able to gain the upper hand several times during the match. Sheamus looked like he was going to hit Big Show with the Brogue Kick for the second time in the match to retain the title, but Big Show hit him with a solid right hand before Sheamus could land the kick. The punch allowed Big Show to be able to pin Sheamus for the three count and win the WWE Heavyweight Championship. It was not a pretty match, but both wrestlers did a good job of putting on a very entertaining match.

The outcome of this match probably surprised a lot of WWE fans. Sheamus is a young and talent wrestler that is going to turn into one of the biggest stars in the WWE soon. Big Show is only getting older and is quickly losing the ability to consistently put on great matches. When you add these two things, it would seem to make a lot of sense to keep the title on Sheamus. Big Show has held some of the biggest titles in the WWE and has never seem to do much when holding those titles. Dolph Ziggler is waiting in the wings to be the next contender for the title, and he would probably have much better matches with Sheamus. This just seems like an odd time to put the WWE Heavyweight Championship on Big Show when the WWE has so many young talented superstars right now.

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