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The Big Board takes into consideration past returns, current performance and expected future gains in determining who should be included among the top 50 fantasy basketball players. Essentially, the Big Board is a cheat sheet designed for a fantasy owner who is planning to participate in a draft today. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball default scoring settings are used as the baseline for the Big Board, which is updated on a regular basis.

Big Board 50: Basketball
Rank Player Stock Pvs.
1 Kevin Durant(notes) , OKC, SF Finished No.1 overall despite a regression in his fourth season -
2 LeBron James(notes) , MIA, F Haters gonna hate, but LBJ can be argued at No.1 for h2h -
3 Chris Paul(notes) , NOR, PG Lacked familiar assertiveness in 10-11 but didn't fall far -
4 Kevin Love(notes) , MIN, FC Massive numbers are a unique mix: 1.2 3s, 85% FT, 15.2 reb -
5 Dwyane Wade(notes) , MIA, G Started 10-11 slowly but ranks ended in very familiar territory -
6 Derrick Rose(notes) , CHI, PG On to STL and BLK now that 3PM and FT% are addressed? -
7 Dwight Howard(notes) , ORL, C Dominant second-half numbers in 10-11 ranked 16th for 9-cat -
8 Pau Gasol(notes) , LAL, FC Consistent beast in LA and Brown will use post even more -
9 Stephen Curry(notes) , GSW, PG 8th in per-game in 10-11 despite ankle issues, minutes decline -
10 Dirk Nowitzki(notes) , DAL, PF Fantasy legend for years, ring assures his real-life legacy -
11 Al Jefferson(notes) , UTH, FC His situation suddenly resembles his dominant MIN days -
12 Russell Westbrook(notes) , OKC, PG Can't help but notice he matched Rose's 3P% in 10-11 (33%) -
13 Deron Williams(notes) , NJN, PG Ready for his big-market closeup.. after a stint in Turkey? -
14 Monta Ellis(notes) , GSW, G Improved 3P% moves him closer to fantasy greatness -
15 Amar'e Stoudemire(notes) , NYK, FC Anything but a lock in his first full season sharing with Melo -
16 Kobe Bryant(notes) , LAL, SG Mileage and rising stars have pushed him out of first round -
17 Al Horford(notes) , ATL, FC Lacks dominant stat, but roto lines don't get much cleaner -
18 LaMarcus Aldridge(notes) , POR, FC Emerged from Roy's shadow in impressive fashion -
19 Carmelo Anthony(notes) , NYK, F Key stats after he arrived in NY: 4.6 3PA and 42% shooting -
20 Josh Smith(notes) , ATL, F Double whammy in new system: more jumpers, fewer blocks -
21 Rudy Gay(notes) , MEM, F Top-10 before shoulder injury, returns to similar team set-up -
22 Gerald Wallace(notes) , CHA, F Check the post-trade numbers for a reading on fit in POR -
23 Danny Granger(notes) , IND, F Can't whitewash low FG% and fewer combined 3PM-STL-BLK -
24 Eric Gordon(notes) , LAC, SG This is a discount if he can avoid the injury bug in 11-12 -
25 Dorell Wright(notes) , GSW, GF Most important numbers to repeat: 82 games, 38 minutes per -
26 Blake Griffin(notes) , LAC, FC Matching D12-BG draft strategies mean serious draft drama -
27 Paul Millsap(notes) , UTA, PF Possible trade a fantasy helper for both Millsap and Favors -
28 David Lee(notes) , GSW, FC Slow recovery from elbow injury, but huge down 10-11 stretch -
29 Serge Ibaka(notes) , OKC, FC He'll be universally targeted in 11-12, only question is how high -
30 Rajon Rondo(notes) , BOS, PG Scorching 10-11 start derailed by multiple nagging injuries -
31 Paul Pierce(notes) , BOS, GF Coming off finest roto season of his career at age 33 -
32 Manu Ginobili(notes) , SAS, SG His role is never a concern, but his health always is -
33 Chauncey Billups(notes) , DEN, PG Great talent and system, but hedge health bet with solid PG2 -
34 Zach Randolph(notes) , MEM, FC Fantasy force and leader by example for rising Grizz team -
35 Kevin Martin(notes) , HOU, SG Slotting Martin for 11-12 comes down to confidence in health -
36 Brook Lopez(notes) , NJN, C Deron-influenced improvements will trump decline in boards -
37 Nene Hilario(notes) , DEN, C Top wish for 11-12 is a career-high in minutes (31mpg in 10-11) -
38 David West(notes) , FA, PF Solid vet a solid bet to produce anywhere, if he stays healthy -
39 Steve Nash(notes) , PHO, PG Anything more than cautious optimism regarding health is folly -
40 Kevin Garnett(notes) , BOS, PF Count on 16-year vet having his minutes micro-managed -
41 Kyle Lowry(notes) , HOU, PG Added a three-point shot to his other well-established skills -
42 Joakim Noah(notes) , CHI, C Move up relative to your faith that he'll avoid major injury -
43 Andre Iguodala(notes) , PHI, GF Collins' influence led to fewer shots and a sterling AST:TO -
44 Greg Monroe(notes) , DET, FC Unique defensive stats, offensive efficiency; what's not to like? -
45 Jrue Holiday(notes) , PHI, PG Didn't dissapoint in 10-11, true breakout likely the next act -
46 Channing Frye(notes) , PHO, FC High-level numbers in 64 starts (2.4 3pm, 7.1 reb, 1.1 blk, 0.9 to) -
47 Elton Brand(notes) , PHI, FC Full health and Collins' arrival fueled comeback campaign -
48 Marcin Gortat(notes) , PHO, C Lived up to the hype, delivered quintessential 'big-man' stats -
49 John Wall(notes) , WAS, PG Plenty to like outside of %s and surplus TO as a rookie -
50 Chris Bosh(notes) , MIA, FC You could do a lot worse than his 19/8 as third fiddle for Heat -

ON THE BUBBLE: Luol Deng(notes), CHI, SF; Raymond Felton(notes), POR, PG; Marc Gasol(notes), MEM, C; Danilo Gallinari(notes), DEN, SF; Jason Richardson(notes), FA, SG; Joe Johnson(notes), ATL, SG; Mike Conley(notes), MEM, PG; Tyreke Evans(notes), SAC, PG; Ray Allen(notes), BOS, SG; Tony Allen(notes), MEM, GF; Tim Duncan(notes), SAS, FC; Andrew Bogut(notes), MIL, C; Ty Lawson(notes), DEN, PG; Jason Kidd(notes), DAL, PG; Marcus Thornton(notes), SAC, SG; James Harden(notes), OKC, SG; Lamar Odom(notes), LAL, F; Carlos Boozer(notes), CHI, FC; Wesley Matthews(notes), POR, SG; Antawn Jamison(notes), F, CLE

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