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Best and Worst New Sports Quotes from June 2012: Fan's View

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In the worlds of boxing, European soccer, the NFL, and horse racing there have been some eyebrow-raising quotes that have surfaced over the past month. In addition, June 2012 has other sports quips that will have you wondering if the summer heat is warping the minds of these athletes. Excluding headlines about the NBA Playoffs, here are the best and worst sports quotes that have recently caught my eye.

Gold Medal winners in white collar crime

As the 2012 London Olympics are about to kick off, top organizers are launching an investigation concerning black market ticket sales at approximately 50 international branches of the Olympics. Sports Illustrated writes that the finger is pointed at, "Spyros Capralos, the Greek Olympic Committee president and top organizer for the 2004 Athens Olympics ... He was quoted as saying he had 'pulled strings' with London organizing chairman Sebastian Coe to obtain an extra batch of premium tickets for official agents in Greece."

Pacquiao versus Bradley hard to score

Scored in favor of Timothy Bradley, the match between the two boxers on June 9 has Manny Pacquiao disputing the 113-115 score. About the issue, judge Duane Ford is quoted as saying, "When you score a fight of that magnitude, you know the criticism comes with the job. But unless you are totally focused on that scoring zone for 3 minutes, it's impossible to score the fight correctly."

2012 Belmont Stakes upset leads to quoting

The day before the 2012 Belmont Stakes, the Triple Crown hopeful I'll Have Another was pulled from the race. Upsetting the chance for the first Triple Crown in 34 years -- to say the horse racing world took it hard is an understatement. From the midst of this disaster, trainer Doug O'Neill stated a number of unforgettable quotes including, "It's been an incredible ride, an incredible run . It's a bummer. It's not tragic, but it's a huge disappointment."

Along with O'Neill's calm and steady words in the face of tragedy, the Belmont Stakes website also has a list of reaction quotes about I'll Have Another.

Her hobby and name are one and the same

The ABC World News weekly quotes roundup with Diane Sawyer included one that is all guns and ammo. According to the print report, Celia Alchemy Savage may be as interesting as her names. When the ATF arrested her for multiple violations related to drugs and pipe bomb making, Savage states, "[I] like to blow up toilets in the woods."

Monkey chants are not funny at all

Sometimes odd sports quotes are not funny at all and are simply mean-spirited. This kind of offensive poor taste was found at the Euro 2012 soccer match. The AFP reports that Dutch skipper Mark van Bommel told the De Telegraaf that the Oranje, "heard racist chanting from some of the estimated 25,000 fans who turned up to watch them train at the stadium in southern Poland."

Van Bommel is quoted as saying, "If any of us is targetted by monkey chants during our matches we won't accept it. If we hear anything like that during a game, I'll immediately go to the referee to ask him to intervene."

Former Kentucky Wildcats football champ finally aims high

On the Kentucky Sports Radio blog, Jonathan Schuette has a quote from former U.K. Wildcats footballer Randall Cobb about his old alma mater. Now with the Green Bay Packers, the word on the streets of Lexington is that Cobb has met with an academic adviser to finally figure out how he will graduate. Cobb said, "It was a goal I set for myself, to graduate. Regardless of when that is, I'm going to graduate. It may be two years from now, it may be six years from now, but I'm gonna get it done."

Homophobic Italian soccer quote retracted

Another scandal surrounding the Euro 2012 event was a comment made by Italy's Antonio Cassano saying, "If they're queer, that's their problem. I hope there aren't any queers in the national team." Oddly, CNN says that the comments were "largely laughed off at the time, but sparked outrage among gay rights groups."

Cassano later went on to retract his statement with an 'apology' stating, "I only said it wasn't my problem and I wouldn't allow myself to judge others. Everyone deserves respect."

Notes on sports quotes from Japan

The Japan Times recently wrote an article about how athletes from Japan often have their true intentions misquoted in American translation. However, this idea also goes both ways. In particular, they use the example of a San Francisco Giants player that was made to look like a pouting child when his sarcasm was mistranslated into Japanese.

The Japan Times says, "I remember Clyde Wright pitching in an extra inning shutout and then saying afterward in an interview, 'I didn't care who won or lost. I was just so tired I just wanted the game to be over so I could go home and sleep.'

According to translator Ichi Tanuma, a better alternative for Japanese readers as to what Wright actually meant would be, "I did my best. I really wanted to win for the Giants fans, my teammates and my manager. I'm glad I was able to help the team."

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