The Best Madden NFL Football Teams to Play With: From Madden NFL 2000-Madden NFL 2012

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Madden NFL 13 is finally out and I am dying to see what team is going to be the best one to play with. I'm thinking the Green Bay Packers, or maybe the New Orleans Saints. Maybe the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens? I'm going to have to explore this further.

Since we're on the subject of the best Madden teams to play with, let's take a look back at past Madden games and talk about the best teams to play with. I've compiled a list of the best Madden teams from 2000-2012. Here they are:

Madden NFL 2000, Green Bay Packers:

The Green Bay Packers were the best team in the game. They had an awesome offense led by Brett Favre and Antonio Freeman. And their defense was just as powerful. I played through several seasons with the Packers and won the Super Bowl more times than I didn't. You couldn't go wrong playing with Green Bay.

Madden NFL 2000

Madden NFL 2001, Tennessee Titans: If you wanted to win the Super Bowl in Madden 2001 all you had to do was play a season as the Tennessee Titans. You had Steve McNair at the quarterback, Eddie George at running back, what more could you need? The Titans were also good on the defensive side of the ball. They had a great D-line and some speedy corners. I actually went undefeated a time or two playing with the Titans.

Madden NFL 2001

Madden NFL 2002, Minnesota Vikings:

Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper could not be stopped. All you had to do to score massive points was avoid the rush, and throw the ball to Randy Moss. It was a TD almost every time. It worked like a charm and I won multiple Super Bowls playing with the Vikings.

Madden NFL 2002

Madden NFL 2003, St. Louis Rams: The St. Louis Rams were stacked. Marshall Faulk may go down as the best running back in the Madden series. I loved playing with him! There wasn't a defense on that game that could stop Marshall when I was at the controls. After playing with the Rams a few times and winning some Super Bowls, I decided to try and play against them. The result was disastrous. I couldn't beat this team. The Rams may be the best team in all of Madden history.

Marshall Faulk Montage

Madden NFL 2004, Atlanta Falcons: Wasn't it fun playing with Michael Vick? It was because of Vick that the Atlanta Falcons were the best team in this game. You couldn't stop Vick. He was ideal for picking up first downs and for breaking off huge runs. He was elusive, he was quick, he was pretty much like he was in real life.

Madden NFL 2004

Madden NFL 2005, New England Patriots:

You know what they say, "Defense wins championships." And if you wanted a good defense and to win a Super Bowl, the New England Patriots were the team to do it with. They had the best defense in the game with a 99 rating. They also had Tom Brady. He had a 95 rating overall and an awareness rating of 95 as well. Needless to say the Patriots were one tough team.

Madden NFL 2005

Madden NFL 2006, San Diego Chargers:

I know some may disagree and say that the Philadelphia Eagles were the best team in Madden 2006 but I beg to differ. The Chargers were better in my opinion. The Chargers had some great players on their team. LaDainian Tomlinson with a 98 overall, you had Antonio Gates with a 96 overall, and many other good players to help you reach the Super Bowl. Plus I just liked playing with them.

Madden NFL 2006

Madden NFL 2007, Carolina Panthers: With Steve Smith at WR and Jake Delhomme at QB, the Carolina Panthers were the class of the game. Steve Smith was a speed demon and would catch pretty much anything you threw at him. He could break off a big play at any time. And let's not forget about Keyshawn Johnson. He was also good on the game. The Panthers were a very well balanced team and totally fun to play with.

Madden NFL 2007

Madden NFL 2008, New England Patriots: If you were looking to rack up mega stats and take the easy route to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots were the team to pick. They were ranked 92 overall and they had the best offense in the game. Anytime you have Tom Brady as your QB the odds of winning it all go up significantly.

Madden NFL 2008

Madden NFL 2009, New York Giants:

I know most people would have said the San Diego Chargers were the best team in Madden 2009. Or the Philadelphia Eagles might have received a vote or two. But believe it or not sports fans, the Giants were the best. They had a great defense, an awesome one-two punch at running back with Bradshaw and Jacobs, and their defense was a sack machine. The Giants didn't have the best overall team rating in the game, but they were hands down the best team in Madden 2009.

Madden NFL 2009

Madden NFL 2010, Pittsburgh Steelers: With a mean defense and Ben Roethlisberger at QB, the Pittsburgh Steelers were best team in Madden 2010. Their defense could shut down any offense on the game. They had so many guys with a 90 plus ranking. Troy Polamalu had a 99, James Harrison had a 97, James Farrior 95, and a couple more. I used to hate playing against the Steelers. I know some of you would say that the New England Patriots were the best team. I'd take Pittsburgh over New England in Madden any day. And I'd win.

Madden NFL 2010

Madden NFL 2011, Minnesota Vikings: That's right. The Minnesota Vikings and not the New Orleans Saints or the Indianapolis Colts. The Vikings had a stout defense and all the offense power you could possibly want. Does the name Adrian Peterson ring a bell? He had a 98 overall ranking and was a total beast. Add Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice to the mix and there you go. You have yourself one tough team.

Madden NFL 2011

Madden NFL 2012, Detroit Lions: You had Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Javid Best, and of course Ndamukong Suh at your disposal. The Lions overall rating was 80 but don't let that fool you. They had enough offensive power to test even the greatest of defenses. Now their defense was weak with a 78 overall ranking. But who cares? You were scoring points by the boatload with the Lions offense.

Madden NFL 2012

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