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Best Live Baits for Fishing With Young Children in the Summer

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Are you planning on taking the kids fishing for the first time this summer? If so, you may want to forgo the artificial lures. In order for artificial lures to be most effective, the angler needs to know how to make the lures move. This might prove too complicated a task for some children. When my boys were little, I found that live baits were the better option. Unlike artificial lures, live bait thrashes about naturally and as such requires less work on the part of the child.

In my opinion, some live bait options are also better suited for a young angler's use than others.

Here they are:


From what I have witnessed with my children, worms are one of the best live baits that young anglers can use while fishing. Worms are easy and fun to obtain. You can hunt for worms in your backyard, buy them from the local bait shop or raise your own. Either way, kids seem to enjoy the entire process. You can also use worms to tempt most species of fish. Based on my experience, worms are also one of the easiest baits for kids to place on a fishing hook because they don't wiggle too much and don't bleed a lot in the process. Hence they make the perfect live bait if your children are a bit squeamish and are still developing fine motor skills.


Minnows are a superlative choice because they are readily available through most bait shops and appeal to a wide array of fish. Minnows also tend to be inexpensive, so if your child drops a few while trying to get one onto the hook it won't hurt your wallet as much. Even though a minnow can be hooked in a variety of ways, I'd suggest that you instruct your child to hook the minnow through its body. It was the easiest method for my children until their fishing skills improved.


Mussels are another great live bait to consider if you are fishing for perch or drum. The mussels and clams are simple to position onto a fishing hook and you can typically buy them from the fresh seafood department at most major grocery stores. The only downside is that you'll need to shuck the mussels for your child. Therefore, you'll need to pack your shucking knife, gloves and a hand towel in with the rest of your fishing gear.

Killeen Gonzalez enjoys summer sports and recreation with her family. She has also traveled extensively.

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